View Full Version : Bellerophon, Slayer of Monsters (Mounted God!)

04-02-2014, 07:15 PM
Pantheon : Greek

Role : Melee, Physical

Class : Warrior

Pros : High Mobility

Random Depiction :

(Art by jas-tham)

Bellerophon would be clad in golden armor with a flowing navy blue cape crossed over his right shoulder. He would wield a golden spear with intricate designs all over it. Pegasus would be elegant and beautiful with wings that glow slightly white.

Passive Determination

With each enemy in a 55ft radius of Bellerophon, he gets excited about battle. Each enemy in the radius increases his movement speed ever so slightly.

Ability I Flight of Pegasus

Bellerophon leaps into the air via Pegasus, landing on his front hooves and causing enemies to fly backward if in the radius. If Bellerophon is below 40% health he will glide for 2s before landing.

Ability II Righteousness

Bellerophon leaps up on Pegasus's saddle and swings in a large arc around him, easily slicing through his enemies. Each enemy hit increases his protections for a max of 5 stacks, which all last for 5s.

Ability III Lead Tip

Bellerophon applies lead to his spear, causing his basic attacks to do bonus damage for 4s, slowing enemies with the last hit IF it lands.

Ultimate Glorious Hubris

Bellerophon strides on Pegasus up into the air. He is then able to select a medium-sized target on the ground to throw his spear (Within a restricted radius). Enemies hit are stunned for 1.5/2/2.5/3/3.5s. If Bellerophon does not use his spear before the ult duration is used up he will fall to the ground, taking slight damage and being slowed for 3s.


Return-To-Base : Pegasus rears and then stomps the ground, raising on its back legs as Bellerophon poses with his spear in the air.

Death : Pegasus flies off into the sky, dropping Bellerophon on the ground defeated.

Victory : Bellerophon fights Zeus, scaring him to the ground with Pegasus and pointing his spear at him. Bellerophon then poses as Zeus runs off.

Defeat : Bellerophon's spear is taken by Denton, who accidentally hits him with it, knocking him out.


Recolor {Noble Warrior} Bellerophon's color scheme is now bright silver and red.

- Golden

- Legendary