View Full Version : Prelim Friday Hot Fixes - 7/18/2014

07-17-2014, 05:45 PM
Friday Hot Fixes


Deathbane - Tooltip showed 30% scaling instead of 50% in the description.
Cobra’s Kiss - Madness Physical Power Scaling increased from 30% to 45%. (Working, but tooltip and K screen will still show 30%)
Last Breath - Damage increased from 150/275/400/525/650 to 228/342/456/570/684 True Damage over 5s. (38/57/76/95/114)
Last Breath - The first tick of damage now happens on application, rather than 1s later.


Fixed issue with players not getting rewarded level up favor bonus
Fixed minor typo in bundle purchase dialog
Fixed incorrect party information in Curse interface
Fixed ntdll.dll crash when clicking HOME at EOML

Custom Matches

Fixed pause not working on non-GM accounts
Fixed large parties fitting into smaller sized rooms
Fixed issues with player icons sometimes showing incorrectly
Disabled 5v5 Siege because it was causing an issue in the map. Will be re-enabled in the next patch
Fixed DC players don't clear from the room list (still appears in chat, will be fixed in the next patch)
Fixed improper headers for match invites
Fixed some localization issues, removed ELO sorting option
Fixed blind pick match lobby countdown timer