View Full Version : Let's talk about Smite on the performance/server side problems/game problems

04-01-2014, 09:31 AM
Alright now to take a break from actual balance talk/item talk/god balance.

Let's get into what Smite currently is very poor at on the performance side. I'm not talking about client framerate performance here.

1) Hitboxes - I believe currently smite uses some type of sphere/square hitbox for player models instead of a standard player model. Also I'm not sure how large the actual projectiles are but let me get to the main point, They're too LARGE.

Problem - Constantly people can miss ults/autos but they will still register because of the excessive size. A perfect example of abilities which can completely miss but still register are Wukongs staff, Ao's Ult, Ra's Ult, and the worst Hercules Ult.

Solution - I think a 'static' player model hitbox (if not already) should be made/adjusted for all player models and it should be much smaller than the current. If the player model isn't large and it's the projectiles themselves, then maybe an adjustment there?

2) Tic rate

Problem - Smite obviously plays at an extremely low tic rate online, I'd assume it's somewhere around 25-27 tic. Now games back in early 2000s even had higher tic rates. I remember people use to overclock their rigs just to get the framerate to handle the higher tic rate haha. But the problem is this results slower gameplay, worse hit detection, and delayed auto-attacks etc.

Solution - I know this isn't a game with fast moving entities and etc, but I believe you guys could push the game server side to at least a tic of 60, it would be a huge improvement and drastically change how smite feels online. The unreal engine CAN handle it, and your current servers shouldn't receive much more stress with a higher tic. Also it'd make the requirement for players very low, a tic rate of 60 is easy to achieve.

Don't have players being unable to reach 60 tic be a reason to avoid the implementation -- because a person can't achieve a target framerate shouldn't penalize all the players who can, and how the game play would be improved with its introduction.

3) Movement

Problem - Movement is smite has always been 'ice-skate' models, personally it just doesn't feel good. The problem with this is the games movement is very 'slow', it should be more... 'tight' and controlled, to allow for real dodging of auto attacks instead of people just dodging because of the auto-attack delay and player viewmodels being updated to the other client slow (this is where 60 tic would come along)

Solution - Make movement more 'tight' and 'controlled' movement has always played a large factor in many games for adding another section to the skill ceiling, movement in smite is just lacking and 'unfun'. I'm not asking for a movement speed increase, just better ground friction and control for strafing. Add in the higher tic with this and I believe it'd greatly improve smite gameplay and may turn the game on to a larger competitive audience.

I'd even vouch for removal or decrease in attack speed penalties to make strafing and attacking at the same time a thing, but I believe that'd be something hirez to be against because it'd make the game that much more difficult for the 'casual' base (even though smite is pretty much as simplified as it gets)

So hopefully you guys understood the point I was trying to get across, feel free to discuss! Hopefully a dev response, but I'd expect the tic rate thing to get overlooked for some type of technical problem.. but the movement and hitbox suggestions from me are very real, I seriously think they're both huge problems for the game and cause it to have a real 'poor' feeling when being played.