View Full Version : Why so greedy now? Nearly $100 to get Divine Dragon Bellona?!

05-15-2018, 01:12 PM
TLDR: The Divine Uprising event is the latest in an increasingly greedy event system. In order to get the Divine Dragon Bellona skin players are REQUIRED to spend nearly $100! PERIOD! This is completely unacceptable - particularly while there are so many unresolved issues in Smite. Hi-Rez is already crazy profitable - continuing to increase costs for customers while leaving the game with so many issues is absolutely ridiculous.

Details: Want some math for the cost of Divine Uprising? Here we go...

Hard numbers:
300 gems - Chest rolls
x1 - 27 required chest rolls to acquire the top reward - Divine Dragon Bellona
x3 - 9 required chest rolls to acquire the top pantheon reward - Galactic Void Chernobog, Half-Life Baron Samedi and Heatsink Pele

Best Case Scenario Assumptions:
x9 - 50% next chest roll after first purchase (*if* each update that unlocks a new row of chests also gives a 50% coupon for the 1st purchase)

Likely Case Scenario Assumptions:
x3 - 50% next chest roll after first purchase (if the 50% coupon for the 1st purchase is only available once per pantheon unlock)

Worst Case Scenario Assumptions:
x1 - 50% next chest roll after first purchase (if only the first update gives a 50% coupon for the 1st purchase)

Total (no coupons):
300 gems * 27 chests = 8100 gems to get the Divine Dragon Bellona skin
8100 / 8000 = 1.0125 || 1.0125 * $99.99 = $101.24
So the Bellona skin is just over $100 *if* you buy the $99.99 gem pack
For reference, it'd be $115.69 buying $49.99 gem packs, $113.37 buying $34.99 gem packs, $134.95 buying $24.99 gem packs, $151.77 buying $14.99 gem packs, $161.80 buying $7.99 gem packs, or $202.10 buying $4.99 gem packs

Total - BEST CASE:
300 gems * 27 chests = 8100 gems
300 gems * 9 coupons * 50% = 1350 gems
8100 - 1350 = 6750 gems to get the Divine Dragon Bellona skin
6750 / 8000 = 0.84375 || 0.84375 * 99.99 = $84.37
Even in the best case scenario we still have to pay nearly $85 for the Bellona skin!
I won't even go into numbers for lower gem packs - as we've seen it's a bad idea with a 15%+ increase in price
I know, you say we're getting other great stuff too - I'll go into that below.

I'll just do numbers on the other 2 scenarios...

300 gems * 27 chests = 8100 gems
300 gems * 3 coupons * 50% = 450 gems
8100 - 900 = 7650 gems
7650 / 8000 = 0.95625 || 0.95625 * 99.99 = $94.67

300 gems * 27 chests = 8100 gems
300 gems * 1 coupons * 50% = 150 gems
8100 - 150 = 7950 gems
7950 / 8000 = 0.99375 || 0.99375 * 99.99 = $99.37

So, in the best case scenario we're looking at about an $85 investment to get the top event reward. Yes, there are some things that mitigate that to a point. The event itself will give back 900 gems by the time it completes if you complete all the quests and such for the event (we'll consider this a given since the quests are usually easy to complete). Also, if we assume there are 2 weeks between updates AND you log in every day you can pick up another 900 gems from daily logins. That still leaves us paying $61.87 even after recovering those 1800 gems.

But what about the rewards from the chests, you say? Well, consider that >20% (2/9 = 22.22%) of the chests are crap that I don't want - pantheon bundles (fountain skins/loading frames/music themes/pedestals/recalls/avatars). We're essentially being forced to purchase crap - not just crap but crap x6 at 300 gems a pop. So, even in the best case scenario if we want to get the Bellona skin then Hi-Rez is literally forcing us to buy 1500+ gems worth of crap.

All this while Hi-Rez continues to allow Smite to be buggy as hell and continues to do next to nothing about leavers. We still can't hide our god stats. We can't block players. Smite has continuing interface issues. Consistent issues when opening Smite (almost guaranteed to have to click Reconnect *at least* once). Season games aren't updated properly so we can actually vote on games (even though we're no being forced to buy FOUR season tickets per year, another increase from previous years designed to grab our hard-earned cash). And doing silly stuff like with Smite Masters where you can only choose a game once both teams have been populated. Did you ever think that maybe, for instance with the eUnited vs Nocturns match before Nocturns was populated, that some people didn't care who eUnited was playing and were going to vote for eUnited no matter who they played? I was one of those (eUnited was also the first badge I equipped and completed in S5) - but I didn't get to vote on that match because Smite wouldn't let me vote without the 2nd team being populated! I was only able to vote on 8 out of 15 games for the 2018 Smite Masters because I couldn't just sit in front of the computer all day watching the 2018 Masters and waiting for the games to populate in Smite - even though I PAID FOR THE SUMMER BUNDLE. It sucks when you pay for something and then you aren't able to take advantage of what you paid for because of arbitrary limitations put in place by the company. That's the kind of "fine print" type of stuff that really irks people.

I certainly hope someone out there is listening. It's great that you're introducing new gods and actively trying to make sure things are balanced, but you're alienating your loyal user base by letting the problems fall through the cracks and continually increasing the cost to participate in events and adventures. I've been playing Smite since just after beta and I'm seriously considering finding something new if some of these issues aren't resolved. Honestly, being a coder myself, some of the continuing issues are a product of Hi-Rez either being spread too thin, mistaken prioritization, or simple laziness. I'd like to think it's the former, but as the issues continue to drag on with no resolution I'm starting to lean towards the latter 2 reasons. Please prove me wrong.

05-15-2018, 01:23 PM
Luckily its just a skin

05-15-2018, 01:41 PM
It is, and luckily I play Bellona as little as possible (both because I'm an ADC main and I'm just not great with Bellona), but that isn't the point. Just because this skin isn't for me doesn't mean I won't really want the next Tier 5 skin and, at the current rate, that skin will be even more expensive than this one. My point is that Hi-Rez's prices for events and adventures are getting to the point of ridiculousness and that it can't continue on the current path. One of the things that many players love about the game is the accessibility and variety of items to make playing that much more enjoyable. By increasing pricing they're significantly reducing the accessibility and relegating the items to those players who have significant money to basically throw away on a free game. I would love to have the Bellona skin because it's an amazing T5. I play mostly Assault and occasionally get stuck with Bellona so being able to play with that skin when I do have to play her would definitely help soften the blow of getting stuck playing her. I already regret not getting Archon and Poolseidon when I had the chance, and I know I'll probably regret not getting Divine Dragon, but I simply can't justify blowing nearly that much money on "pretty" or "cool".

05-15-2018, 04:21 PM
I completely agree. I made a thread not long ago about skytech zues being in a chest with some 70 other possibilities.

It awes me they prefer the 1/100 people spending a $120 rather than 25/100 spending $20. Realisticly, for a visual effect and nothing more $20 is still a lot of money but I can think of 6 different occasions I would've spent the $20 but instead hi-rez got $0 from me.

The greed has gotten outrageous.

05-15-2018, 10:17 PM
i agree with you, this event is really too much expensive.
I do'nt have any problem to spend money in game but i'm not Rothschild. and i'm not a american with his great crédit service.

Put lower price is the first thing to do ( 1 item per day is really to much ).
HIrez change this because only a few number of players will buy your "event" totaly.

05-16-2018, 09:45 PM
Well hopefully enough people wont purchase it and theyll have to rethink the prices. I know i wont nor will i purchase bundles, chest or adventures.

I wanted to buy gems last sale but couldn't find many skins i didnt already have or wanted. Rethinking doing season pass every year too.

05-17-2018, 09:41 AM
Don't all T5 skins usually run about $100. It most likely won't sale as well as the others but it isn't due to the price point. It is more people play hunters, mages, and assassins which is why those win communities polls.