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05-12-2018, 02:45 PM
Because of the late hour in which the final PTS build was received by QA on Friday night, not all of these fixes have been verified yet. If you are playing PTS and see an issue with any of these, please let us know, and tell us as much of the details as possible regarding where it occurred (map, god you were playing/targeting, etc.)



Divine Uprising

Divine Dragon Bellona was using the wrong card art

Slavic lobby scene had some touch-up work done.

Slavic Music Theme is hooked up and working properly

Scylla’s skin should list correctly as the Slavic Chest’s sixth item


Chibi Fenrir’s whimper has had its volume increased

Fat Loki Cabrakan was playing audio cues multiple times if you were holding down attack during his A01.


If he dies while in a wall he respawns in a bad state.

Fixed an issue where using the ultimate on an enemy next to a wall could result in the player landing on top of the wall.

Fixed an issue where Chernobog’s A03 would have false positives on the left/right corners

Fixed an issue where Chernobog’s A03 was sometimes not entering the wall at max range

Chernobog Skins aren’t getting the Ultimate stim FX

Galactic Void Chernobog was using Nox Card Art

Morrigan/Chernobog interaction bug fixes (if she ran out of time while using his Ultimate after transforming into him, the all players in the game would be permanently highlighted for her…fun times).

Jing Wei/Chernobog interaction bug fixes (sometimes no bots would spawn during a Jing Wei ultimate)


Two of the view modes were not showing towers and phoenixes properly

Bottom bar fight tab wasn’t showing Team 1


Tutorial was playing the store narration immediately


Fallen Lord Chronos hair and skirt were translucent on the Gods page

Known Issues:

Chernobog’s “About” icon shows as Chinese even though it lists the pantheon as Slavic

50% off Slavic Chest coupon is currently disabled (this is the coupon you get after your first roll)

05-13-2018, 03:31 PM
Fat Loki Cabrakan plays multiple audio cues when using Tremors and Seismic Crush.