View Full Version : PS4 See no Changes!

03-08-2018, 09:08 AM
Hello smite team.
I just have to tell you that you have to change in ranked what MUST! The balancing among the players is not at all, since players on lvl 150 with players on lvl 30-50 play, there are considerable differences in the experience and this makes certain games unplayable weill it feels like dan than playing 4vs5. In the search for the queue, the players can choose the role / lane before the game, then it does not always fight (especially at the console) and if someone wants to play midnight, for example, this one just waits longer, you could for sup yes also a small reward install in terms of points. And why do you do in a complete new season with a new card only a soft reset that makes no sense! My last point is that if someone has never played ranked then it is not enough just to master gods and reach level 30, we are mainly playing at the console arena and you can play these championships very fast. I think for newfounders at ranked you should have a minimum number of games have been in conquest (normal) then it would run better in my opinion. Smite is a great game just do not let it die like Paragon thanks especially at the console. Kind regards