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02-16-2018, 10:42 PM
16-19th Feb
Free Weekend

Overwatch Year of the Dog
8th Feb - 5th March


02-17-2018, 03:29 AM
1. There are currently only 26 Heroes in Overwatch. Alot less than SMITE. But Overwatch was released in May, 2016 while SMITE was released in March, 2014.

2. Overwatch like Heroes of the Storm 2.0 is very rewarding. Each level up, you get a free loot box. Since its the Lunar New Year event, you get the Lunar Lootbox and each lootbox will give you FOUR ITEMS!!!! You don't need to choose, you get all Four items. There are many ways to earn lootboxes. However, unlike SMITE, you may get duplicates from opening lootbox (which can be traded in for credits to buy more lootboxes).
2.55% chance to get a Legendary Item
7.55% chance to get an Epic Item

Not as many as HOTS 2.0, but many of Overwatch skins are recolors. It's a hit or miss, some recolors looks decent. They need alot more skin variation, which are usually introduced during a festive event.


3. Simple and straight forward game. There is no Counter building. There is no items in the match. No cards. No levelling up skill tree. You can switch Hero during a match. Kinda weird.

4. At the end of the match, there is a video recap of "Play of the Game". Kinda cool. Similar to LOL, you are able to "commend" or honor your teammates for good performance unlike our FP TIPS, you give away some FP to your teammates. They also have a unique feature; "Stay as a Team" for the next match. And playing in a party gives Bonus XP.

5. Don't believe what you hear. Those statements implying that there are over 35 million Overwatch players (https://venturebeat.com/2017/10/16/overwatch-now-has-35-million-players-for-blizzards-online-team-shooter/) is misleading. I can guarantee you they don't have 35 millions "Active players", it includes people who signs up during Free Weekends and never buys the game. The Active Player base is very much less. Had to wait over 10 minutes to get in the Lunar New Year Map (6v6 Ayutthaya) during peak hours. In comparision, Fortnite Battle Royale with 45 million players, I only had to wait 10-20 seconds to get into a match. And there are smurfs in every of my matches. Probably due to the Free Weekends, regular players are making new accounts to stomp new players. Thus many duplicate accounts. Plenty of Maps, like 20+ of them, some of the maps are pretty cool like Blizzard World and Horizon Lunar Colony, but way too many Maps, adding to the long queue times and poor matchmaking (I won't mind waiting 10minutes but.... not if it will have smurfs in them)

6. Player "Highlights" allows you to record, save and re-watch your best performance (eg: Penta Kills). Makes you feel good inside.

7. While waiting for a match, there is "Skirmishes", which is basically a waiting area where you can practice. Helps kill time while waiting for a match, better than starring at the screen while waiting for a match to form.

8. Visuals are pleasing and surprisingly consistent. You know like in SMITE, there is just not one "art style", there are numerous art styles with the latest being Anime art style with the Legend of the Foxes Patch. So if you see an image, you can clearly identify it as Overwatch. Not so easy for SMITE. I would like to say there is also Verticality in Overwatch maps.

9. Audio is good. Sound effects. Music and Voicelines are of high quality. It's free or inclusive, you don't need to buy Voice Packs. In SMITE, without a Voice Pack, the default VGS is a male voice. Heroes caters to an international audience, there is a Chinese girl called Mei, and she speaks a few Chinese phrases (Voicelines), Zarya (Russian), D.Va (Korean), Genji/Hanzo (Japanese), Ana (Arabic), Widowmaker (French), Junkrat (Australian), Tracer (British), Moira (Irish), etc...

10. When Overwatch was first launched, there were controversy and some called it a MOBA (https://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/WilliamCollis/20160719/277399/This_Years_Hottest_New_MOBA_is_Overwatch.php) in disguise, even Overwatch employees were describing it as a MOBA with a first person shooter perspective. In my books, Overwatch isn't a MOBA, there isn't any lanes, minions or towers !!!

03-16-2018, 10:07 PM
And your point is what?

PS, Overwatch is compared more to Paladins than Smite.