View Full Version : Paragon (MOBA) is shutting down April 2018

01-28-2018, 06:16 AM
Paragon is a Free to Play Third person MOBA like SMITE. It is officially still in OPEN BETA, and has been for over 2 years. Paragon is run on Unreal Engine 4, visually it looks amazing and has a very different feel than SMITE. It was scheduled to launch in 2018, but will be shutting down in April 2018. A full refund on every purchase will be made to all players.

Old Trailer 2015 based on Old Map known as Legacy


01-29-2018, 01:04 AM
1. Many players has blamed EPIC for not listening to players feedback, replacing Legacy Map with Monolith Map, Change of vision/direction for the game as the downfall, not enough advertisements and the overnight success of Fortnite Battle Royale. Even though a full refund will be given for any purchases (the very least they could do), some players were understandably still upset.

2. EPIC has stated that retention of New Players were very low. I.e. New players will try the game and leaves shortly after. Paragon's Matchmaking was also terrible, which underlines how important retention of New players and a Fair Matchmaking system is to the growth and sustainability of a MOBA.

3. Unlike SMITE, Paragon have yet to introduce any Ranking system/Esport Scene. Even in SMITE, our Ranked players is a minority (approx 5%-10%), while the 90-95% of our community regularly plays in Unranked matches. This is a stark contras to DOTA 2 which has a 50%/50% Ranked and Unranked matches distribution. There should be a renewed focus to encourage players to get Ranked.

4. Having awesome graphics/visuals is just not enough to be a successful game. Even the new Monolith Map, visually looks awesome. But other fundamental elements to a functioning MOBA is lackluster/missing.

5. There seems to be an appetite for interesting and new features. It may not be straightforward, but it keeps players engaged and continuously challenges them. Many veteran players complained that the New Monolith Map made the game boring, not interesting enough and dumb down to meet the standards of new players. But it turns out, the new players weren't onboard as well.

6. Fix those bugs. Players hate them.

7. Introduce change gradually. The change from Legacy to Monolith was too sudden (the game mechanics, cards, etc..) If SMITE were to introduce any big changes to the game mechanics, I would suggest Test it with our "Adventure" first and observe the mood of the community, collect feedback before implementing it directly into the PVP/MOBA. That way we can isolate and minimize any negative effects in the event of a fallout within the community.

8. Verticality is something Paragon did very well. I wonder if that's something SMITE would want to explore. SMITE's maps are very flat. DOTA's map has some limited verticality, like stairs leading down towards the river. Maybe start small and see how and if it could enhance SMITE players experience. Paragons effects when walking on water is very cool, making little splashes of water.

9. Paragon only had one Map. I think SMITE is on the other extreme, it has too many Game Modes (which splits the player base/thus longer queue time/when there isn't enough players, the MMR is forced to create heavily unbalanced matches) I don't see how SMITE can easily remove any existing game mode without suffering a backslash, perhaps start by not creating any new Game Modes and instead of completely removing the game mode, put them in MOTD frequently (especially weekends), so ppl can still play them occasionally.

10. I wonder how many ex-Paragon players will try out SMITE and would they like it and stay?