View Full Version : Know when to quit, please (PS4)

11-20-2017, 07:57 PM
I understand that there are new players and people trying out new gods whom are versed in the game. It fit he love of god(s) know when you are beat either as a team or you’re 5 minutes in and you 1/12/3 maybe that god isn’t for you right now and surrendering is not a bad thing especially when the game is oh say 43 to 10 JUST surrender you are wasting time for other people and they could be off for another game. Me and my Smite friend are 105 plus and we swear to god we are in a beginners bracket every game for the past two weeks has had at least two people with 12+ deaths and not understanding that hey maybe you shouldn’t run into a group of people and get team ganked or hey maybe you shouldn’t 1v 1 Arachne or Go back to base when your health is low and they have a Loki or Au Kuang.

Or tower dive for that thirsty kill when you have low health

Just some thoughts on this