View Full Version : Do something with trolls in my arena matches

10-24-2017, 11:50 AM
Just what the title says, it's not normal to have 4 players in your team with scores such as 1/11, 2/11, 3/11, 0/4, instalockers, no hunter, always frontline as mage/assassin. I am tired of this bull***** .

10-26-2017, 06:30 AM
0/4 isn't trolling he/she might be lagging or having a bad game. Instalockers are normal in every moba. Hunter isn't something that is required just recommend (depending on which game mode you are in). If you are a solo queue player then you are expected to be in the front line, how else would you carry?

10-29-2017, 02:28 AM
Everyone have bad games sometimes..Don't take the game to seriously just play and have fun with whatever you get in team...