View Full Version : Fellow Oceania Players (LFG LFF)

10-04-2017, 01:06 AM
Looking for some people to play smite with some people on a regular basis casually and possibly even competitively.
add me on smite and i'll give you a link to a discord or something

IGN: Substructure
Age: 20
Country/Timezone: AEST (Ocenia)
General Play Time: Afternoons - night
Preferred Language: English
Gods Mastered: 26 but 4 are diamond
Smite Join Date: Not sure but 900+ hours
Preferred Position: Support
Preferred God: Gotta be the King baby (Bacchus)
Curse: yes
Microphone: yes
Other Methods to communicate: Discord
Type of Group I'm looking for: Casual/competitive group or just people that want to play together
Prior Competitive Experience: None
About Me: My name is Brad i've been a gamer as long as i can remember, easy going looking for some people to play with have some laughs and occasionally take smite seriously. coming back from a 7 or so month hiatus from smite looking to rekindle the love i had for smite.