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08-24-2017, 02:39 PM
Console Bug Fixes

We fixed an issue where the default version of profile Items were unable to be equipped.
We fixed an issue where the Ranked and Clan scenes were not centered for PS4 Pro users playing on a 4K display.


New God Skins


Fabulous Chiron


Sun Kissed Amaterasu


Moonlit Ranger Artemis


Earl Wubert St. Kongfrey Sun Wukong


Dragonkin Skadi


Dragon's Rage Kukulkan


Noble Esports Zeus


Sun Wukong Mastery Skins

New Adventure: Corrupted Arena


The Mayan Pantheon has corrupted the Arena… And it’s more dangerous than ever. Can you escape the wrath of Dragon’s Rage
Kukulkan and the collapsing Arena floor? Find out in SMITE’s newest Adventure: Corrupted Arena. Find out more about the
Corrupted Arena Adventure HERE (http://archive.smitegame.com/adventures/) or visit our FAQ (https://www.smitegame.com/news/adventures-faq) for information on Adventures in general.

Adventure Bundle

Limited Kukulkan Dragon's Rage
Corrupted Ward Skin
Corrupted Music Theme
Corrupted Avatar
Gold Key
Also unlocks +2500 Arena Points and 2x Arena Points going forward

Gold Vault

Limited Dragonkin Skadi

Project Olympus

Project Olympus continues with a special focus on our Console players. There have been long time requests for better controller
options, improved information for players, and improved social functionality on Console and once 4.15 hits these will be

-New Controller Options-

Players can now select if they want LB+RB to fire their Ultimate from the settings menu.
Aim Acceleration and Controller dead zones can now be configured from the settings menu.

-Player Stats-

Players will now be able to see their stats (Power, Attack Speed, Movement Speed) on the main HUD.

-Social Improvements-

Provided an option to invite players to their party or to their friends' list from the End of Match lobby.

-Point Value to God Leaderboard-

Players will now see the Point Value on the God Leaderboard that determines placement. Each win with a God, gives that player a certain amount of points based on how difficult the match was and at what skill level the match was played. Losses deduct some points. This should better represent why players are ranked the way they are on the God Leaderboard.

-Individual God History

Players will now be able to get a detailed look at the last 25 games played with a single God. Win/Loss Percentage and Average K/D/A will be visible from the Gods page.

Click HERE (https://www.smitegame.com/news/new-in-smite-corrupted-arena-4-15-patch-notes)to read the full Patch Notes for 4.15 Corrupted Arena!