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06-22-2014, 09:02 PM
I'm not sure which parts should be featured so I listed several and highlighted the most important.

match id: 74076817
teams: myRevenge v. CRITASAURUS
tl;dr: myRevenge loses all 3 pheonixes, minotaur gets 10% HP and they come back and win

25:00 myRevenge got deicided and lost half pheonixes
30:00 myRevenge lost firegiant lost firegiant
32:00 myRevenge lost all three pheonixes
36:00 myRevenge loses another firegiant and minotaur has ~10% health
37:30 & 40:00 myRevenge wins two teamfights
42:00 myRevenge wins firegiant, deicides the enemy and two people push two layers of towers and get the minotaur to ~5% HP, both die
45:00 myRevenge wins another teamfight and finishes the minotaur


matchid: 74092863
teams: myRevenge v. JUICE
tl;dr: myRevenge's minotaur gets one hit from dieing and they come back and win

18:00 a myRevenge member gets a tripple kill at firegiant
19:00 a JUICE member roflstomps myRevenge and gets a quadrakill at firegiant
21:00 JUICE gets firegiant, deicides myRevenge and gets a pheonix
26:00 JUICE gets another deicide and firegiant
32:00 JUICE gets another deicide, firegiant and gets the minotuar to a hit from dead
32:50 three myRevenge players spawn while minotaur is a hit from dead and kills all remaning JUICE members
35:00 myRevenge deicides JUICE and kills the minotaur