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06-09-2017, 08:37 AM
Hello everyone!

First of all English isn't my native language so I hope everything is clear.

So from lvl 1-4 Skadi kinda looks like a a peasant. She really looks like a beginner and still seems pretty awkward and stuff. She looks kinda like this:

From lvl 5-9 Skadi has changed her outfit and seems a bit more prepared. Her outfit still looks basic and amateurish. She seems a bit more experienced, but she's still a rookie. She looks kinda like this:

From lvl 10-14 Skadi has changed her outfit again and she looks even more prepared. Most notably she now has a hat. She seems experienced, but isn't a pro yet. She looks something like this:

From lvl 15-20 Skadi has changed her outfit again. She now looks like a real professional. She still has her hat and now has a cape as well. She kinda looks like this:


Basic attacks: She uses a crossbow and shoots arrows, the arrows will become bigger as she changes stages. At her final stage she will shoot flaming arrows instead
1: She will take out her gun and fire a big bullet
2: I'm not sure what kaldr should look like yet, any ideas are welcome :)
3: She will light a fire at the designated location. Instead of sliding on the ice they will "run" in panic
4: Kaldr will get a circle of a raging fire around him

I hope you guys like the idea, any suggestions are welcome!

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the art, they are all properties of their respective owners