View Full Version : T5 Hou Yi Skin Concept: Dying Sun

06-09-2017, 08:25 AM
While previous T5 skins would drastically change appearance over time or through using an ability, I thought it would be more rewarding if you had to earn the change to Hou Yi's appearance. While the changes I suggest are not as noticeable as previous T5s, I think that the visual and sound effects of his abilities could make up for that.

I will also say that since Hou Yi has such a high skill ceiling it would be nice if he were to receive the T5 skin.

Hou Yi's skin tone will remain the same as his default one.

Hou Yi's hair will be black, mid-length, unkempt and adorned with a black/silver headband that is only visible from the front. The front/center of the headband will have an oval-shaped setting.

Hou Yi's arms will both have silver gauntlets covering the bottom half of his forearms and black, leathery archery gloves.

Hou Yi's right shoulder will have a simple, silver plate with a round setting in the center. His left shoulder will have a black-metal shoulder plate that resembles a crow's head, with an open beak, as if it were cawing.

Hou Yi's torso will be equipped with black, leather armor and a silver, studded breastplate that covers his ribs as well, the center of which will have a circular setting with a round black crystal that has the character for "Defender"
etched into it. The back of his breast plate will only cover his upper back and will have wings etched into it.

Hou Yi's waist will have a black, leather fauld/tasset with black-metal studs and will be slightly longer at the back.

Hou Yi's trousers will be a simple dark-grey cloth.

Hou Yi's greaves will be black leather and will resemble wings wrapping around his legs. They will have a faint silver outline. There will be one that starts on the inside of his ankles and wraps up to the bottom of his calves while the other starts just above the outside of his ankles and will peak slightly below and to the side of his knees.

Hou Yi will be wearing black-metal sabatons.

Hou Yi's quiver will be black leather will black-metal bounds.

Hou Yi's arrows will have black wooden shafts. Silver arrowheads shaped like crow heads. Green fletchings, the shade of which will correspond to his kills. Silver Nocks that resemble talons.

Hou Yi's bow will be a more simple version of his default bow. The bow will be black while the ornaments are a combination of black-metal and silver. The feathers will be black and fade into the green glow that corresponds to Hou Yi's kill progression.

When Hou Yi walks it creates a green scorching effect on the ground.

Ricochet will get brighter for every 3 kills (capped at 9) Hou Yi gets. At 9 kills, it gains an additional glistening sound effect.

Mark of the Golden Crow
The mark will start out in the appropriate green color and fade to black as it runs out.

Hou Yi's appearance changes to that of a black-green fiery bird as he leaps into the air. Upon landing, flames burst across the aoe and he reverts back to his normal appearance.

Rather than having fireballs rain down, black birds (representing a burned-out sun) will come crashing down and burst into a green, spouting flame upon impact. Similar to Ricochet, Sunbreaker's effects will be brighter for every 3 kills Hou Yi has accumulated (capped at 9). Every time a "sun" falls, it makes a screeching sound as opposed to its typical fireball sound. This is to better represent the death throes of the dying suns. The sky of the actual map will also darken over the duration of Sunbreaker and revert back to normal afterwards - similar to the Anubis ult.

As Hou Yi gets kills, the areas marked with this color will begin to glow until all 9 are lit - one for each kill.

Color Examples
Green Transition:

Sound Examples
Bird Screeches: