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06-09-2017, 12:50 AM
Ullr T5 Concept http://imgur.com/gallery/fzL2Z

more ideas are most welcome, will update accordingly to feedback.

Inspiration taken from:
Skill - Skills to play SMITE
Castlvania LoS 2
Witcher 3
Overwatch Mc Cree Monster Hunter Concept
Van Helsing
Ifirit from FFX

Ullr is a complicated God with No Ult - Hence I motion that he be compensated with 2 Tier 5 skins. And the catch is that is requires skill to play. A T5 skin that changes on how you use Ullr per game. Either werewolf or vampire. NOT both....unless you got skill to meet his conditions for dual form (bottom of thread for conditions)

Cant really draw so I used concepts to deliver a concept (A very SMITE thing to do).

Level 1-5:
He upgrades into a professional Monster Hunter and weapons upgrade like in a typical monster hunter rpg. From here the Player must tread carefully as their next levels and playstyle determine which path of skin evolution the take

need help on determining the conditions of path selection. so far if you kill more with bow then vampire lord and if you kill more with axe then werewolf lord it is then. or red potion for vamp form and blue potion for werewolf.....not sure at this point.

Level 10: Path of Vampire Lord
If you have been playing more range then your Bow form becomes your vampiric form and your weapons are now blood bending range attacks - Castlevania LoS2 styles. Your cape is your transformation into Axe form like Spawns cape from the comics.

Level 10: Path of Werewolf King
If you play more melee then the path of the Werewolf turns you into a feral beast-man who fights in a hunched wolverine like style - Claws replace axe. Bowform outfit is tattered and reveals human skin as changing stances gorws hair or tears skins.

Level 15: Path of Vampire Lord
Ullr Ages in Vampire form, bats swarm, blood magic more elaborate when shooting. Axe form maintains the hunter look but becomes more tattered and weary.

Level 15: Path of Werewolf King
Ullrs Beastmode has evolved and is more feral, small horns show in this form resembling a crown. Bow form is tattered, worn and weary

Level 20: Path of Vampire Lord
No Angle Wings - The ideas is that what is left of his robes resemble angle wings but behaves like Spawns cape from Dark Horse comics. Can transition still into a seasoned and weary Hunter in Axe form via cape surrounding and consuming him to revert forms

Level 20: Path of the Werewolf King
No Fire and not Going for a Demon look - Using the concept of Ifrit from FFX to convey the idea that Ullrs beast form has achieved King Beast status and Ifrit was the best depiction I could find to convey. His bones rip out and expand to form bigger beast frame as fur covers and completes transformation. Sheds fur to return to normal

Conditions for Dual form!!!:
Ullr takes quite some skill to play so I wanted his skin to reflect this. You CANNOT use both forms in 1 game....HOWEVER!, if you achieve a pentakill you can unlock both forms at once and all jungle camps shudder at this for a short period of time.

The concept of this skin was inpired mainly by the idea that Ullr plays differently every game due to his dual abilities so therefor his skins should do the same.

Win Animation: Hunts down "Archon Thanatos" and "Demon Pact Anubis" (The Ultimate Hunt)

Lose Animation: Gets hunted in a forest by all jungle monsters and dies at a tree (Witcher Reference)

Loading Frame Animation: Batman montage of preparing for the night - Bat nips included if possible.lol Loading Completion reveals his Hunter symbol in the night sky as he leaps into the night ready for the hunt (Dark Night Styles with lighting flashing in background)

P.S. This thread takes inspirations from other Ullr concepts and takes it a little further. Also the images are not refrenced. All artwok is not mine btw.

06-09-2017, 12:51 AM
Just checking to see if my image link is working ---> http://imgur.com/gallery/fzL2Z

06-09-2017, 11:32 AM
Way too much going on here... Pick 2 of these forms and stick with them. That's too many changes for hirez to have to work on. Also it'd be too confusing to follow which forms are what.

06-09-2017, 06:06 PM
yeah I agree whole heartedly that there alot of things going on here. I really want to push the envelope of what Hi Rez can do.....but then again after seeing their selection from Last year (Demon Pact Anubis) amoungst other quite detailed designs, seemed more like a more practical design in their time frame rather than a community choice I think. Ill leave this concept here for others to decide on which path they prefer me to work on and I will post a up a more refine concept in this thread.

Vampire Lord Path


Werewolf King Path

(p.s. appreciate the feedback.):o