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06-08-2017, 09:48 PM
This is my second T5 concept, so I'll say this again. I can't draw, but I sure can paint with words, so please give me a chance. I also pulled some images off google just in case you really need a visual (credit does not go to me for those), but you'll have to combine the pairs of images together since there are no stock images of pirates with fish tails. Try to use your imagination. I should also say thank you for taking the time to hear my idea. This is a four stage progressive T5 that changes every 5 levels.


Stage 1: Medusa starts out as a low ranking grunt on a pirate ship. She has a black/blue and white striped shirt, a bandana on her head, a long piece of cloth wrapped around her waist, and some ripped up pants with no legs. She'd have a basic looking sword hanging around her waist. Her lower half would be that of an eel.

Notes: Her viper shot is eels with barnacles floating around her, and her acid spray is salty sea water. Her dash is her pulling out her sword and attacking with it, and there would be electric spark effects trailing behind her. Instead of a bow, she'd use a very basic flintlock pistol.

Stage 1 upper body rough visual aid (http://imgur.com/VoFNrnd)

Stage 1 lower body rough visual aid (http://imgur.com/XjpLmug)

Stage 2: Medusa is rising through the ranks of a pirate. Her outfit has changed to a corset and long dress. The bandana on her head is gone and replaced with short black hair, and she has a new fancier bandana on her face. Her basic sword has become a cutlass with a gold handle. Her lower body has become that of a Large-Spotted Dogfish (aka Nursehound). I chose that fish because it looked sort of like a cross between an eel and a shark (spoils), and I couldn't really find a better ocean creature.

Notes: Her viper shot is now baby versions of Large-Spotted Dogfish, with gold coins floating around her. Her dash is her attacking with her cutlass, and her ult is removing her fancy bandana. The ult would turn people to wood like the hull of a ship. Her acid spray is salty sea water, but with fish, seaweed, and other debris in it. Her flintlock pistol has a longer barrel and gold accents around the grip.

Stage 2 upper body rough visual aid (http://imgur.com/SW9ez4S)

Stage 2 lower body rough visual aid (http://imgur.com/yExzH7t)

Stage 2 weaponry rough visual aid (http://imgur.com/62gLKl1)

Stage 3: Medusa has become the captain of her own pirate ship. She has a long leather blue/red coat, a pirate hat with a feather, an eyepatch, a white ascot, and everything else you would expect out of a pirate captain. Her cutlass has been replaced with an elegant rapier. Her lower half is that of a shark. Instead of a flintlock, now she carries a blunderbuss.

Notes: Her viper shot would shoot sharks and have pirate ships floating around, her dash would be an attack with the rapier and could have bloody effects like a shark attack, and her ult would be removing the eyepatch. The ult would turn people into wood, but with silver or gold bands running through it. Her acid spray I think is the coolest part, and would be a grapeshot cannonball.

Stage 3 upper body rough visual aid (http://imgur.com/gIjgAks)

Stage 3 lower body rough visual aid (http://imgur.com/0XI1LFZ)

Stage 3 weaponry rough visual aid (http://imgur.com/MpbZFpl)

Stage 4: Medusa has become a legend of the sea, equal to if not better than Davy Jones himself. Her face is covered in tentacles, her left arm is a crab claw, her outfit looks water-logged and covered in barnacles, etc. Basically imagine the guy from Pirates of the Caribbean. Her lower half is that of a giant squid. The big tentacles would kind of group together behind her, but some of the smaller ones reach out and help pull her along the floor.

Notes: Her viper shot shoots squids, with sunken treasure chests floating around, her dash uses her crab claw to swipe, her ult is basically just her face with the tentacles waving around a bit, and her acid spray is a flaming grapeshot. The ult turns people into sunken, rotten wood with dark holes in it, with seaweed, barnacles, and fish all around. Her pistol would be like Stage 3, but made almost entirely of gold and silver, and obviously held in the hand that is not a claw.

Stage 4 upper body rough visual aid (http://imgur.com/oGUGChf)

Stage 4 lower body rough visual aid (http://imgur.com/t8wq4mJ)

06-12-2017, 05:31 PM
Someone said this was too similar to Sea Maiden Medusa, and I was thinking about it for a while. Ultimately, I don't think that's the case.

Yes, they both dwell in the sea, but that isn't grounds for being too similar. I mean, starfish and whales both live in the sea, but you don't compare them.

Sea Maiden is just a mermaid, a lady with a generic fish tail, while this is four very distinct pirate forms with four very different and properly thematic sea creatures as the tail. It's not just two skins where Medusa is a fish lady.

Mermaids sing beautiful songs and play in the waves. Pirates drink rum, sing sea shanties, sail on pirate ships, have sword fights, shoot cannons, search for buried treasure, and say arrrrrgh. What I'm getting at is that mermaids and pirates are nothing alike, and neither will Sea Maiden and this T5 skin be anything alike. I have done all I can to ensure this, and I'm sure if Hirez sees this, they'll pull out all the stops to differentiate it and make it even more awesome.