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06-08-2017, 09:35 PM
Ullr T-5 Gangster Idea

My take on the Tier-5 skin would be a gangster style Ullr. I will have sketched to the best of my ability of what I saw for this skin idea. Idea could be improved on. Although animations will be different from the original; like instead of him shooting a bow it would be a gun motion instead of loading a bow.



Skill #1a: Shoots a Cluster of bullets. In a group formation.

Skill #2a: Gun overheats from the excessive shooting Ullr has done so it starts to glow red.

Skill #3a: Ullr throws a homemade explosive/grenade to the destination.

Skill [ult] #4: He puts his Glock into his pocket then pulls out his shank from his pants (two of course). Vice verse...



Skill #1b: A casual throwing knife animation. With his Stage 4 he ejects his spikes off his brass knuckles.

Skill #2b: His blades drip with blood from his enemies.

Skill #3b: He leaps from his position to a target location with his hops.


Voice-Pack/In-Game Voice

⁃ Ullr speaks with a slang vocabulary. [VGS too]
⁃ As Ullr progresses he gets more of a bass in his speech. [Iffy]
⁃ Also when he, for example steals a objective he will scream finesse.
⁃ Says "GLAAA, GLAAA, GLAAA" when he shoots.



*Like Thor-Tier 5, instead of following the standard stages at marked levels. Maybe this Tier-5 will have marked kill amounts or marked net gold amounts for like a reputation of killing or money, as a gangster.

As Ullr progresses in the game he starts out as typical looking gangster [i.e. saggy clothes, tattoos, and piercings]. As the game goes he gets more pimped out starting to dress a little more fine [in a way] and more tattoos. Also each transition he gains better weapons, for example Glock to Ak-47. Each transition he gains muscle too, he goes from slim build to a more of a muscular build.

Visual Concept

*4 Stages
*Anything can be improved on
*Leave suggestions in the comments
*Visuals coming soon

Stage #1: Ullr starts has a slim built gangster who is growing a beard non-trimmed. He is shirtless with his body covered in Nordic tattoos. He is wearing shorts [not sure on color]. He sports a pair vans [not sure on color]. Tears on his face as tattoos. His hair is crazy and wild, but short. His weapon of choice is a glass shard and a pistol.

Stage #2: Ullr still has a slim build, but with a bit more muscle. Also he has a beard that is grown down to his clavicle and wild. He is wearing a blue hoodie with the smite logo on it [optional]. The sleeves are ripped off so he is showing his full arms. He has sleeves of Nordic tattoos. He is also wearing yellow joggers, with high-top shoes that are smite colored [optional]. These clothes are also size larger than his actually size so it's baggy. Has tear tattoos going down his face. Weapon of choice for melee is a shank and for range is a uzi.

Stage #3: Ullr's beard is a bit more groomed and shorter. He starts to appear more muscular. He gets a leather jacket opened showing his shirt, with a hat on his head [not sure on color choices]. He gets a pair of jeans that are ripped. Still has his tattoos on his body, although it is not shown. Clothes still remain baggy. Has more tattoos on his face [i.e. tears]. Also has his high tops too. Melee weapon of choice is a kitchen knife and for range is a AK-47.

Stage #4: Ullr's beard short and trimmed, looks nice. His hair is slicked back. Looks like a mobster. He wears a button up shirt sleeves pulled up and a vest on top of the shirt. He has his shirt and vest tucked into his dress pants. He is wearing a pair of dress shoes too. Weapon of choice is brass knuckles with spikes and a Thompson gun, with drum barrel.