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06-08-2017, 08:02 PM
Ok so to start off , I would like to explain why this idea , so in the Lore Jing Wei was reborn as a bird, but there could be much more for a skin , so I had the idea to create a Phoenix Jing Wei that could change trough the Elements and would become stronger every time she was reborn.

The mechanic I thought for the Element change would be a bar that would fill up with points , you can get points by Farming wich would give an "x" points , while killing a god would give you double the points , and then there would be a shortcut button to change the element.

So now it gets to the second mechanic or the "Reborn" part of the skin , I was thinking that this could go wrong and people could just start dying just to "showoff" their skin but if I get a better solution for the "Reborn" part I'll try to change it.
So Jing Wei will have 3 forms.

-Base Jing Wei
-First Reborn Jing Wei
-Final Reborn Jing Wei
(Gotta work on those names)

Base Jing Wei :
For the Base Jing Wei or the Starter Jing Wei she would not have any special features , her skills would represent the element she is currently using. In base form all her skills will look weaker but for example while using the Fire element , Persistent Gust would create a Fire tornado. When using Water Element she would create a Water tornado.
(I will add concept art later when I have the time to finish it)

First Reborn Jing Wei
This is where the skin starts to show it's feathers , after you die your first time Jing Wei will get into a more powerful state where it shows her determination like in her lore I tried to make every Jing Wei "Reborn" more determined to Win.
(Like I said I will add concept art later)
Jing Wei will have stronger animations to her skills and a new bow to represent her new self.
So now if you use the Persistent Gust for example her tornado will be more intimidating than on her base form.
Jing Wei will have bigger wings and will have the current element on her self , for example she will now have wind around her wings.

And finally the

Final Reborn Jing Wei
Not much to say here since I'll have the images to show the skin , but in her final form wich will be at the second time she dies, Jing Wei will have the Element she is currently using , around her, Imagine like a Earth covered Jing Wei.

Additional Notes
So this is still incomplete as it still needs the images and some thinking but it's pretty much it all the T5 skins do the same , at level x it evolves, so I tried something with Jing Wei since she "Reborns" and well the elements part was something to make the player feel like it's always different , for example you can choose to play with all elements in one game (if you manage to get the points for it) or you can just use one for the entire match , it's all up for you , and even if you don't get the chance to always use the "Reborn" part of Jing Wei , you can at least use the Elements wich I think would be pretty awesome to see in smite.
I think I haven't said what the skills would be like but since I don't have the images I'll write them here,

Passive - Rapid Reincarnation
-For the Passive Jing Wei will leave the element she is currently using in the place she took off
Fire- Leaves fire behind after jump
Water- Makes a splash of water
Wind- Makes a gust of wind
Earth- Makes a rock lift her up

1st Ability - Persistent Gust
-For this ability it will be something basic that will have a stronger animation as she is Reborn
Fire- Creates a Fire Tornado
Water-Makes a Water vortex (much like poseidon kinda but in Jing Wei style)
Wind- Makes a Tornado that resembles Jing Wei's
Earth- Makes a Cyclone with rocks and trees flying around

2nd Ability - Explosive Bolts
-Not much to say here , Jing Wei will have the current Element she is using around her Weapon and her bolts will carry that Element
Fire Arrows
Water Arrows
Wind Arrows
Earth Arrow

3rd Ability - Agility
-Again not much to say here just that when Jing Wei uses this ability she will leave a trail of her current Element getting more and more visible with each Reborn

Ultimate - Air Strike
-Ok so this will be the one I'm looking for the most.
Fire- Depending on the Reborn Jing Wei is currently on she will make a Wave of fire that will get bigger , for example on her first Reborn with will be a small fire , but in the final one she will create a wall of fire.
Water-In this one Jing Wei will make a Tsunami sort of , actually this one I want to connect to her lore so in the final Reborn Jing Wei will stop the Tsunami with Sticks.
Wind-Jing wei creates wind much like Kukulkan ultimate but in a different way , I was thinking of maybe kinda of a tornado that will follow Jing Wei will she flies.
Earth-For this one Jing Wei makes a giant rock (kinda like Geb rolling) , much like the others the rock will get bigger as you Reborn.

Also I forgot to mention but at the start of the game you choose the element you want to start with , or it could be random as I think having a default Element to start with could make the player not motivated to play at all.

That's all for now , I hope to see some comments about this !

Edit 1: I actually don't know if the skin should be called Phoenix Reborn , or Elemental Reborn Jing Wei

06-09-2017, 01:08 PM
I really like this idea, and including her lore in one of the ults is interesting. I also think the name should be elemental reborn, it seems to fit a lot better.

06-10-2017, 09:45 AM
A very interesting and fun idea for a T5 Jing Wei Phoenix skin. I feel like this skin and the ideas behind it would make it both nice to look at and fun to use at the same time, which is great! The only thing I don't really like is where you have to die to get your next forms. I think a better idea is to just make it where once you hit the right level for her next form and back to base and fly out with her passive she changes form while flying in the air. I said this before, but I think using her passive to change forms would be the coolest thing you could do for a T5 skin for Jing Wei that only she can do over other gods in the game. Either way I love a lot of the ideas here and hope we see a Phoenix skin for Jing Wei!

06-10-2017, 03:52 PM
Yes I was kinda of thinking about that , but I tried my best to get this skin to fit in her lore (not like most of the people who started using Pheonix or Reborn after I did this) as like Jing Wei became a bird after she died , and I actually think that a different mechanic could give you a new feeling. That's why I have the Elemental part where it transforms giving it the T5 , but you have the addition of when you die the skin gets better.