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Take a moment with me and think of a time when something that you loved dearly was taken away from you. If could be something a simple as your favorite smite god in a ranked conquest match, or a deep as losing someone you cared for in your life. Now take that emotion and intensify it, even now, it can never be a great as the pain that the Deity Princess Jing Wei has felt. Born into the highest order of gods, Deity Princess Jing Wei was powerful, even at a young age. Her life was easy, she had nothing to do except grow up and take her father's place as rightful ruler of gods. But, on a fateful day on the 31st of February, and unexpected even happened, and all happiness in her life was shattered. Her entire family was betrayed by the gods who for so long had been their allies.

The betrayers spared her live only as a symbol of pathetic family she once represented. Now overcome with sadness and vengeance in, Deity Princess Jing Wei gathers her strength to retake her rightful place as Deity Queen.


Basic idea of this skin is to start out as a girl, who is vengeful, and slowly as levels up, she gains more will to tap into her power. As she levels up her abilities transform from simple sticks being thrown, into powerful arrows made up of rage (some sort of blood red bolt, that will look super intense and cool).


Phase 1

Jing Wei is rather the model of a very very basic person, she has nothing showy about her. She is dressed in a white gown, similar to that of Princess Leia (A NEW HOPE), but it is ripped and has holes in it. Her hair is down and her face has makeup smears on it, particularly around the eyes, this is to show the crying that she has been doing. Her only special effect is that after she kills an enemy, her footfalls have a bloody look to them, whereas they normally look like a simple footprint in the dirt.
Basic Attack: Jing Wei picks up anything she can get her hands on to throw, this could be anything from rocks, to sticks, to old soda cans, but either way it is a reckless attempt to attack

Phase 2

Jing Wei is now recovering from her pain and is no longer reckless. She is now doing her best to accept her fate, but is struggling with it. He gown is fixed and her hair is somewhat less reckless. Her footfalls are blue with tears, and watered down red, only after a kill. She walks with her head down, in an almost depressed manner. Her hands are over her face as she walks, crying
Basic Attack: Jing Wei her tears to hurt her enemies, she throws bolts of water at the enemy, I think it should be some sort of water bending, that way she doesn't have to mover her hands from her head.

Phase 3

No longer is Jing Wei weak and crying, she realizes what she needs to do, she needs to revolt, so we move on to revolution Jing Wei, I dunno, not really revolution, maybe a more rebellious, willing to fight for what is hers. Either way she has now turned her dress into something more warlike. I think there could be a rip in it. Maybe she will tear it, as a possible way of revealing her new self. Bloody Footprints still exist. Posture is confidence and warlike, almost noble like Athena's. She isn't reckless and angry anymore, now she is tactical and planned. This is a girl who has her eye on the prize. She has taken advantage of technology and uses it to attack.
Basic Attack: She finally gets her epic crossbow, she holds it in front of her with confidence, this isn't the jumpy giggly Jing Wei that we all know and love. Her crossbow is mechanical, following a similar style to that of Chronos, with all the gears and levers.


Jing Wei is in her total glory, she has become... the Deity Queen. All of her appearance has begun to glow. A bright crown of Light is sitting upon her head. He hair has gone from Black to Pure White. She has abandoned all technology, and controls everything by sheer will now. She no longer has the blood footprints, but evaporates the dead corpses of her enemies, just at the sight of them. Her expression at this point, is one of pure power. Her face portrays a sort of boredom at the sight of having to fight. She now floats in total stability, in other words she doesn't walk anymore.
Basic Attack: Jing Wei holds out her hand, shooting blood red bolts. The bolts come from her hand without and sort of throwing movement (like Zeus and hid Bolts). These bolts glow like fire, but have the color of blood.

Voice: Her voice would evolve from an angry voice that screams in agony for pretty much everything. We could even have her say: "You killed my father, prepare to die." Next she could sob all of her lines, they would sound like a person when they talk while crying. Next I figured we could make her sound cheery almost, and her voice would have confidence. In her final form, she would have a voice that sounded exactly like Galadriel from Lord of the rings, a strong powerful voice that conveys importance.

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The is a severely redacted version, I had too much, so I had to take out ability animation info. Enjoy ^_^ Reply if you want to know more.