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Appearance: Skadi is dressed in a grey space suit with a cylindrical oxygen supplier on her back and an open mask. On her belt is a few supplies: a tether, magazine, and a box. She is normally skinned and has longer brown hair. She is holding a laser rifle that fires team-colored lasers that fly forward (blue as viewed on ally team to allies, red on enemy team to allies). Her boots are metal and make a light metal clank with each step.

Kaldr is a light-blue drone that flies slightly above the ground. It has wings that retract into its body when in Elemental Form and stick out straight in Beast Form. It moves via thrusters and the thrusters flare up when it dashes. It attacks with two electric rods equipped on each wing. Kaldr's health is 5 energy batteries.

Level 5: Skadi is wearing a mask that covers her entire head. The mask is round in the back and gets slightly slanted forward in the front. She also gains steel arm and shin armor and her laser rifle is equipped with a scope.

Kaldr's rods are electric knives and its wings angle themselves toward Kaldr's back slightly to give the appearance of faster motion.

Level 10: Skadi's mask gets spikes that stand vertically. They run down both sides of the mask and are parallel to each other. They get smaller towards the front. Her suit is mostly armor, save her torso and hip. The armor now completely covering her shoulder also gets large spikes and very small spikes line up on the arms and legs. The kneecap is circular and looks like a knight's kneecap. Her laser rifle gets larger and the magazine grows.

Kaldr is outfitted with another pair of wings that connect to the bottom wings like a biplane. Kaldr also gets armor protecting the visible framework under the wings.

Level 15: Skadi is now outfitted in ornate, bulky armor. Her breastplate has a hole with a bright blue light in the middle of her body. Her oxygen supply is now a power core. The spikes on her shoulders curve slightly towards her head and her arm and leg armor is more complex and gets an ornate design. Her belt is on her armor and is adjusted to match the armor's look. Her mask shares the design and gets armor on the back, top, and bottom, leaving a small visor. The middle of the armor on the mask is jutting out slightly on the top and back. Her laser rifle is now resembling a large laser cannon with a long barrel.

Kaldr now has a ship nose and tail. It also has thrusters on its sides. Its knives are now 6 laser swords and has unusable guns under its wings. It basically resembles a space jet.

Ability 1: The spear is now plasma that flies forward. The Slow FX is a sizzling effect similar to Sunder's FX.
Ability 2: The Kaldr head mark is now a drone. The noise made is three successive beeps.
Ability 3: A void filled with stars and nebulae is created. The ridge is blurry and rippling.
Ultimate: Skadi and Kaldr are surrounded by a dark vortex with each in the black center.

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