View Full Version : Jing Wei Corrupt Heroine

06-08-2017, 02:48 PM
Sorry if a similar concept has been posted but the idea is that Jing Wei would start as a Heroine and through the game would get more and more corrupt by evil.
stage 1: similar to supergirl, no wings, i was thinking is no crossbow is possible, with she using laser blasts. Her 1 a frost tornado, the 2 a more powerfull lazer and the 3 a short fly.
stage 2: the corruption has started, she sprouts little dark tendrill wings, her voice in doubt between her older hero nature and the new corrupt form. Her arm is changed to a bigger disformed arm that shoots dark energy, the 1 a blood tornado, 2 a blast of more energy, 3 a jump and 4 the corruption exploding while she jumps and hovers. The wings would be to little to fly yet, so she would still fly with her powers.
Stage 3: no coming back, her body is mostly darkness and tendrils, with great dark wings, the voice of the heroine already gone. Using the more defined arm to shoot tendrils of darkness, the 1 a dark red tornado, the 2 charging mind blasts, the 3 a blink (but leaving a trail, otherwise it would be confusing), the 4 a dark explosion filled with tendrils.
Stage 4: An angel of death, her body now in full armor, no more tendrills exposed, the voice gone. Wings with a metalic tone, the 1 a complete dark typhoon, the 2 great mind blasts, the 3 a more powerfull blink, the 4 an explosion so powerfull the ground darkens. The arm that shoots now looks like a full weapon.
The transformations could be based on level (to garantee no trolling and a greater chance to see all of them) or on kills (even minion kills to make it easier)
Her begining animation could be she coming from a portal fighting with a monster and he spits on her before she throws him there and the portal closes, she says something like "now to help this reality" or something. :)