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06-08-2017, 02:32 PM
This is a thought that I had when I saw Ao-Kuang's steampunk skin
"Hey that dragon is pretty neato, what if skadi had a skin like that... maybe someday"
But then i realized the potential this idea had and I just had to get up and draw it so... here it is.

Yes I renamed them... Sam and Kilo. The whole premise of this skin is to fallow Sam as she invents Kilo during homelessness with scrap, to the point where she's a brilliant inventor and makes Kilo into a powerful mechanical masterpiece. Wielding the thunderous power of the sky, with Kilo as her harness.

1st Form

2nd Form

3rd Form

4th Form

Her first ability would make lightning shoot out of Sam's left hand.
Her second ability would put a glowing gear on the target.
Her third ability would have Sam drop an oil bomb (1st and 2nd form), or an electrical goo that sparks or paralyzes foes and makes them slide (3rd and 4th form).
Her ultimate would have Sam rise her staff and she'd create a lighting force-field around her while her basic attacks now shoot out of her left hand, Kilo would discharge electricity around him (kind of like a pikachu).

Her basic attacks would have her shoot lighting out of her staff instead of flinging it (although flinging it would be funny).

When Kilo is destroyed, he shatters into pieces and returns as an electrical silhouette.

She could have a similar custom emote like Demonic Pact Anubis, except the sky whips up a thunderous storm.

Honestly I know what some will say, this could probably be a tier 4 skin, but Kaldr's design has a lot of potential.

Kaldr's design for the final form should be changed because i think my design was a bit underwhelming to be honest. In other words... if this does get chosen, you get the idea of what to do to kaldr Hi-Rez, except for the first form... we need that.

06-10-2017, 01:32 PM
I like this idea. Steampunk is a great direction for Skadi.