View Full Version : Skadi T5 skin . Jungle themed.

06-08-2017, 02:08 PM
Stage 1
She would look like a "employee" she would have like a basic unfiorm(green tshirt with beige pants) She throws wooden spears
Kaldr would be a baby lion
Stage 2
She would have an "explorer" costume(the beige pants and jacket and the hat) She throws now spears that have a more refined look
Kaldr is bigger and stronger looking
Stage 3
She has here clothes would be torn and her hat is gone.She has her hair all messed up and tangled and leafs in her hair.her spear has now green parts.
Kaldr is now like a ig female lion
Stage 4
Now she looks like a "queen of the jungle" and her spear has the top part made out of metal and has more jungle details.
Kaldr is now a big lion.

The ultimate would be green and would have leafs moving in that area.
Instead of the lion a tiger would be great too.