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06-08-2017, 11:31 AM
In some traditions Ullr, the second husband of Skadi and stepson of Thor, has the privilege to rule over Asgard while Odin was in arest. But his regency was marked by coldness and suffering.
So my Idea for the T5 Ullr Skin would be a meamorphosis from a good King to a very cold and cruel Person like a Draugr King.

Level 1-4 He is a very gloriuos King/Lord of Asgard so he looks like his normals self. His Bow and his axes are very impressiv. Low ice effects on his bow abilities, and low light effects his axes.

Level 5-9 His clothes (royal robe or armor) starting to tear up and he looks much older. The ice effects became harder and the light effects getting darker. The bow is now used and looks more like an older wood. Hes axes became start to dissolve in the rust.

Level 10-14 At that point his flesh decays and his clothes and became more like a Draugr. His bow now turns into a bow made of bones and the ice effects are getting more intense. But also his change into scythes, for they are a symbol of suffering and death.

Level 15-20 His final stage is the most "beautyfull" (horrific). Now he is the Draugr he became with his reign (my favorite is the Draugr Deathlord from Skyrim). His Bow is now fully made of bones and the ice effects are like the effects of the special ability from the Friede's great scythe from Dark Souls 3. So like this scythe, his former axes are looking like this scythe now and the stun, buff and jump effects are now very dark and cold (maybe it has some winter effects on it now)

Thanks for reading