View Full Version : Another Hou Yi concept

06-08-2017, 10:20 AM
Hou Yi-
Tier 1 Concept- He starts as a drenched peasant, covered in water, with like water effects and cool… water… things… His weapon would be
Passive- Suntouched: Now i don't know if you would like to or not but changing the icon would be cool but then again it's really up to you… but if you do just keep the old raggedy feel.
1: Ricochete: It looks as if he is throwing a ball of some sort… i was thinking a bouncy ball but then i realized how much damage a bouncy ball could do xD. The ball looks old and raggedy… old.. yeah...
2: Mark of the golden crow: It is a symbol of someone pick pocketing… so like he is a poor thief. But still keeping the raggedy feel to it
3: Divebomb: When he is rising up maybe someone is trying to take his possessions and he is holding on until finally when they leap the hands throw the poor hero into a puddle splashing water everywhere and knocking up enemies with the mark of pickpocketing/the golden crow.
4: Sunbreaker: His ult now this was a little tricky to figure out, But what I was thinking was that the suns falling down would be giant rain drops splashing onto the ground creating a puddle.
Now i'm not going to go into a lot of detail until the last one
Tier 2 he gets some nice clothes and gives to the needy. From this description you can change the moves to something to match his form.
Tier 3 He get a light baring cloak that gives off a light effect and the kills don't change the form until final form but they have to get more kills for it to change anything. As i said before change the moves as you see them needed.
Tier 4 He gets his final form becoming an angel and his moves change into like mythical light forms and everytime he gets a kill he descends into madness becoming a devil and his moves changing again. When he dies he becomes “full angel” in this sense.

This was my second skin but i didn't really take a lot of time in this one because i was in class for a lot of this one and i was rushing but remember to add on if need be or reply with helpful suggestions.