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06-07-2017, 10:24 PM
I've LONG thought that a skin stylized in the Art-Deco, Diesel-Punk, appearance of the Rocketeer, a Comic book hero created as an homage to the Pulps of the 1920s and '30s, would be beyond PERFECT for Jing Wei! So, here I will try my best to convey my skin's concept in words and linked Images.

1) Overall Aesthetic:
-A Rocketeer Themed skin, will obviously need to have a uniform, and appearance, similar to that of the titular two-fisted hero himself. Here are a few Images of the Rocketeer, with one even being a gender swapped female version, which would be best in getting a visualization of how a Jing Wei Rocketeer skin might look:
https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0558/2081/products/Tong_TheRocketeer_REGULAR_FINAL_1024x1024.jpg?v=14 68521824
Now that we're very familiar with the Character's basic design, I'd like to point out 2 major design points with doing a skin based on, and referencing, the Rocketeer that are essential to include: The Helmet and the Rocket Pack. The Rocket pack is pretty obvious...otherwise it wouldn't be a ROCKETeer skin, and Jing Wei's bird wings would not really fit the overall aesthetic. Then there's the helmet. The Rocketeer's Helmet is basically the character's calling card, and has been used in other games, and media, as a reference to the pulp era and to the Rocketeer himself. Plainly put, anything meant as a reference to this guy always, ALWAYS, includes the helmet, so excluding it from the skin would just not be an option in my opinion; though an Aviators Cap, goggles, and a red scarf would be a begrudgingly acceptable substitute, but wouldn't really drive home the homage and feeling like the Helmet would.
-Now for the Crossbow replacement. The Rocketeer himself typically uses his trusty Mauser C96 "broomhandle" pistol, as can be seen in several of my linked images. However, Jing Wei's crossbow is definitely not a weapon that could be classified as one handed, like a pistol, and Jing Wei herself fires the crossbow from the hip using two hands. Therefore I suggest the crossbow be reskinned to appear like an M1A1 Thompson Sub Machine Gun, with the individual projectiles reskined to look like a burst/flurry of (yellow, and comic-like) bullets (because the Thompson SMG is automatic, and having one projectile appear like a grouping of 3 or so bullets, will make the thing still *look* like it's an extremely rapid fire weapon, even at lower attack speeds). Each attack would be accompanied by a corresponding 3 round burst type gun-fire sound effect. Thompsons are Stereo-typically seen being fired at the hip anyway, ala Gangster films and what-not, so only minor tweaks, if any, to Jing Wei's attack animation would be needed. Whether this goes along with the Rocketeer theme or not, is a big "yes, it does." The Thompson SMG in and of itself evokes the 1920s and 30s era and is almost SURE to appear in any action/pulp work set in that era, then not to mention that the Rocketeer himself is using one in the Comic book cover image in the 4th image link. Whether or not you want to use the 1921 or '28 model with the vertical foregrip and drum magazine (typically seen in gangster films), or the M1A1 model seen in WWII with the horizontal foregrip and 20-30 round stick Magazine, is up to you guys at HiRez. Both have their appeals, but I think the M1A1 model makes more sense for someone who is flying around, but that's just me. Here are some Image links:
*NOTE* I am not suggesting that this skin should Gender swap Jing Wei in any way. The character (Jing Wei) is female, and this skin should just envision that character in style of the Rocketeer, not make Jing Wei the Rocketeer himself.

2) Abilities
-Firstly, anytime Jing Wei would fly or something similar, such as during her flight out of the fountain, using her third ability "Agility," or during her Ultimate, (preferably gratuitous and over the top) flumes of trailing smoke would be emitted from the her Rocket pack, because rockets do that and that imagery is seen almost every time we see the Rocketeer flying in comic panels and images.
-For Her first ability, "Persistent Gust," My suggestion is to have her create a large Spinning Airplane Propeller on the ground that looks to be creating the updraft, matching the '20s and '30s Aviator aesthetic of the Rocketeer, and keeping with the underlying idea that this is tech and not so much magic. Other than that, the Ability could look functionally the same.
-For her second Ability, "Explosive Bolts," Just amp up the number of bullets in each of the projectile models, change up the sound effect to be more than a 3 round burst, have the background "energy" be yellow rather than blueish purple, and have the aoe effect look more like ricocheting bullets. ...Or she could pull out a Shotgun for the three shots, either way.
-For her Ult, "Air Strike," Jing Wei whips out a Bazooka, rockets into the sky and blasts the ground. Pretty straight Forward.

One more before I finish up: An interesting Idea, would be to have words like "Woosh!" "Ratatata!" "Vrrrrooom!" "Boom!" and other onomatopoeias pop up as effects, like they would in a comic book.

So far I think that's all I have in the way of suggestions. In the end, it's up to you guys at HiRez, so from here I leave this suggestion in your hands.

06-07-2017, 10:42 PM
If I think of any Tier 5 type features for the skin later on, I'll edit the initial post. I'll try to work on some original art and/or sketches for this, but I am not that great at drawing people... I would appreciate further feed back and suggestions from you other players and forum goers, as well. Thank you.