View Full Version : Ullr Tier 5 (Evolved)

06-07-2017, 07:11 PM
Hey so I have an idea about the tier 5 skin for Ullr.
It's pretty basic but the general idea is that in both forms he evolves and upgrades in his respected form.

So first form in range stance, he is like a human but using primitive looking weapons and armour E.g bow is simple yew bow, and I was thinking that he could have norse tattoos on his body either arms/face/body. And in his melee stance make it he has again primitive looking axes and armour. And when I say armour I think like a tethered cloth shirt or single showing battle wounds and what not.
Primitive Abilities (can't stress how basic the abilities need to look)
Ability 1- the arrow should be like it's piercing through the air but with no colour around it.
Axe throw should be the same no colour piercing through the air and if it connects with a God maybe have a bit of blood staining the axes after? Or even just for the whole time.(maybe if you want colour tinges of white similar to hou yi's ork skin)

Ability 2 - The increased bow power, have a similar animation to the one currently on Ullr but thought the whole time the ability is activated have like a red aura around him like his so angry. The speed in axe forms the exact same animation except he roars something in norse language? Or just screams? Same red aura though.

Ability 3 - Hail of arrows, I'm thinking he shoots one arrow but it's on fire, so when it hits the area of damage fire kind or like explodes on it? And with the jump when he lands I like the current animation where it makes an impact on the floor but when he lands make a black norse symbol on the floor.

OK so second evolution, he gets more armour starts bringing in like metal shoulder plates and I'm thinking more like a vest/singlet hey so you can see his muscles and tats still, whatever you think.

Ability 1- exactly the same except there is a red aura around the arrow similar to that red stuff off the 2nd Thor movie. And now the axes have the same aura too. All his weaponry should be upgraded and look more solid too so maybe the axes are a dirty metal and the bow is like a simple bow with a bit of norse carvings through it.
Ability 2- exactly the same but make his tattoos glow red too for both
Ability 3- exact same.