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06-07-2017, 05:24 PM
Name: Pack Wolf Skadi
This is a winter-werewolf based T5 Skin idea for Skadi, playing off her being the goddess of winter and the fact that she has a wolf.

Non-stage changes (These exist regardless of Skadi's stage):

Her 3, instead of being ice, is a miniature frozen landscape, complete with tiny mountains, forests and clouds

Stage 1 (starting stage, base skin):
Skadi is a mountain hunter in the north. She wears thick leather winter gear (whether she's wearing Inuit blubbler-based clothing of european fur and leather based is irrelevant), has crampons, rope and an ice pick strapped to her, and a bedroll on her back. Her hair is not visible and stuck inside a leather hat. Skadi's spears appear like medieval hunting spears, with long shafts, a leaf-shaped blade tip and an anti-boar-charge cross guard just below the blade.

Kaldr appears to look like a northern hunting dog, such as an Akita, Siberian Husky or Tibetan Mastiff. He appears sleek and large, like a well-bred hunting dog for the north. Otherwise, he is unchanged.

Stage 2 appears when Skadi uses her ultimate for the first time (no level requirement).

Stage 2:
When Skadi uses her ultimate, there is a howling from Skadi and Kaldr simultaneously.

Changes to Skadi: When Skadi uses her ultimate for the first time, she transforms to stage 2. Small amounts of white fur stick out of her hat. Her nose and mouth stick out slightly more and the tip of her nose turns black, like a canines. Her non-spear hand is now clawed and deformed. Her spears remain the same except that scratches are marked down the length.

Changes to Kaldr: When Skadi's second ability, Rune Of The hunt, is leveled three times, He reaches stage two. His fur is partially removed from his head and legs. small bloodstains appear on his fur. Overall, he looks more mangy and vicious.

Stage 3:
When Skadi reaches level 10, and she has already achieved Stage 2, she transforms to the 3rd stage. Otherwise, she will remain at Stage 1 until she uses her Ultimate, at which point she will skip stage two and turn to stage 3. Once more, when the stage switches, Kaldr and Skadi howl simultaneously.

Changes to Skadi: Her clothing becomes ripped, but is still largely intact. Where the clothing is ripped, white fur spills out. Her face is elongated more, increasing its similarity to a muzzle. Her shoulders are broader and her gait is more of a lope than a walk. Her spears become bloodstained at the tip but overall remain the same. Both of her hands should be bloody and deformed. Fur is now visible on most of her body, Regarding her feet, her toes are now claws and they are sticking through the front of her boots, having pierced them. Also, her feet are longer.

Stage 4:
If Skadi is level 15 or higher and she uses her ultimate, she transforms to stage 4, regardless of what stage she's at (note: this cannot occur more than once. Just clarifying). Kaldr and Skadi, once more, howl simultaneously.

Changes to Skadi: Her clothes are now little more than shreds, and thick white fur covers her entire body. Her leg joints are reversed, and she completely lopes on two legs. Her hat is gone, and tall white wolf ears extend from her head (her previous ears are gone).
Her face is no longer human and has a full elongated muzzle, and her eyes are glowing ice-blue (like glacial ice during the cold seasons). Her spears are now no more than straight-ish sticks that are bloodied. Skadi's emotes are also changed to be growls.

Ability changed: When she uses her ultimate, the sound of a wolf pack howling occurs both around Kaldr and Skadi.

Also, those affected by her ultimate's root have a mini-wolf latched onto their ankles for the root's duration.

Kaldr (after stage 1):

Stage 2:
When Skadi's second ability, Rune Of The hunt, is leveled three times, He reaches stage two. His fur is partially removed from his head and legs. small bloodstains appear on his fur. Overall, he looks more mangy and vicious.

Stage 3:
When Rune Of The Hunt is completely leveled, Kaldr transforms, howling (Skadi doesn't how with him, unlike her transformations.) HIs legs are now covered in pale, tight skin, devoid of fur. Although he retain the canine leg joint (knee joint behind the leg), his rump is lower to the ground and his legs are shorter. Kaldr's snouth is pressed in, making him look less like a wolf and more human. His ears are lowered and rounded, not pointy (although this would differ based on what northern hunting dog was chosen.) His front leg joints are reversed, like human arms. They are also elongated, making him walk more like a lumbering man.
When Rune of the hunt targets something, he might do a moan/growl combination

Stage 3 is Kaldr's final stage.


Skin name ideas: Moon-cursed, One of the Pack, Wolf of the Pack, Solitary Hunter, Pack Wolf, Pack Alpha

Emote Ideas:

Extra emote: Howl (Skadi Howls)

Jokes: Howwwl do you do?; Why does everyone keep commenting on my hair?

Taunts: Your jugular looks delicious!; Whenever I pass another hunter, I never see him again;