View Full Version : Druid Ullr (DRULLR?)

06-07-2017, 04:07 PM
SO I got the idea from kyle506 who said he wanted a bear stance switching Ullr skin. I apologize in advance that I am not the best at drawing, so unless this gets a lot of love I probably won't put any concept art or anything (just think a bear with shining nordic runes on him or something)

For Druid or human form, I feel like Drullr would have a staff and cast nature bolts for his basic attacks. This isn't set in stone, and him having a really cool bow that looks like an old branch would be neat as well. (Y'know, think Rhok'delar from WoW, http://www.wowhead.com/item=18713/rhokdelar-longbow-of-the-ancient-keepers for reference) I just really like the idea of a hunter looking like a mage.

Bladed Arrow (Druid Form): Drullr casts (or shoots) a powerful nature bolt that does damage

Expose Weakness (Druid Form): Drullr charges his staff (or bow) to give him bonus physical power

Hail of Arrows (Druid Form): Drullr calls down a blast of nature energy to damage opponents

Stance Change (Both Forms): Drullr switches to his currently inactive form

Thrown Axe (Bear Form): Bearllr roars a mighty roar, projecting his voice and stunning the first enemy hit

Invigorate (Bear Form): Bearllr calls upon his inner rage to grant himself extra movement speed

Glory Bound (Bear Form): Bearllr jumps to target location, doing damage (for this ability I would love to hear a sound effect similar to Anhur's jump when he hits the ground. It feels powerful and heavy, like the sound a bear would make as it hits the ground)

Now kyle506 said that he didn't really like the idea of evolving skins, but I think that as Drullr levels up, he could become more mystical and naturey (with maybe Bearllr getting armor or something) wouldn't be a bad idea, but I think that having the shapeshifting into a whole new model is enough to warrant an ultimate skin.