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06-07-2017, 03:55 PM
First of all my english isn't 100% perfect so if there are some words that are weird tell me

So my idea is a skin with the dragon theme for jing wei where she get a dragon scale armor and a little dragon friend
In lvl 1-4: she get a pretty basic armor breastplate, gloves and boots made with scales of bright red color, and she have a net with a dragon egg in her belt, her crossbow instead of feather wings will be dragon wings
Lvl 5-9: an darker red armor with claws and a bit improved than before and also I was thinking in a dragon themed tiara, also the egg is already hatched with a little dragon moving still in the egg, the crossbow will now have a dragon engraved
Lvl 10-14: now the armor is more like the ullr wyrm slayer skin and she will get a cape, now the dragon already leave the egg and now will be wander around jing wei like the monkey in the pirate skin of neith
Lvl 15-> now with a improved armor and a helmet similar to a dragon skull, the crossbow will be alike a dragon head in the front, and the dragon instead of walking will be flying around jing wei
For the abilities
Persistent gust in the first 3 stages will be a a crater in the ground that throws fire in the final stage the dragon friend will throw fire to open the crater
Explosive Bolts the first 2 stages will se no more change from the standar skin the final 2 will be the dragon throwing fire to the crossbow
Agility there is no much to change in this ability
Pasive Rapid Reincarnation the model wont gonna have wings all the time just when she uses the pasive will grow the dragon wings everry stage will be bigger
Air Strike while channeling will grow the wings and the damage strikes will be throw for a dragon that appear in the air like the kukulkan ultimate
And she will have voice lines against the dragon gods like ao kuang or fafnir

Thus is my idea and every feedback will be received

06-19-2017, 03:04 PM
So the bird turns into a dragon? Hell yeah, why not. A big plus is the detailed explanation of abilities and her "transformation" through levels. And since she originally has wings, a dragon theme (with dragon wings) would suit her well. Don't know about how it could be connected to the lore though, but I guess she could've made some kind of a pact to gain more power (and thus shortening the time needed to fill the ocean with stones). I was disappointed in her appearance when she came out (looks too young, although lore wise it does kind of make sense because she was a girl turned into a bird, but still that doesn't mean she couldn't grow up). I hope that this skin concept doesn't aim for such a young appearance if it does get voted.