View Full Version : The tale of Hou yi and the Blue Sun.

06-07-2017, 01:21 PM
Hou yi has been putting up a tough fight since he has joined the war of the gods. When he first joined he was a fearful force commanding the will of 12 suns. Hou yi has been fighting this war for a long time now and the longer he fights the more abundant his foes become. These new foes have stronger abilities and tactics the he is previously prepared for so he knows he needs to become more powerful to continue to fight these OP opponents (cough cough cernunos). In the quest for new power Hou yi decides he will use the power of a new sun. While looking at the night sky, Hou yi shoots the largest and brightest star out of the night sky. And runs to where it is landing. Hou yi can feel the overwhelming power of this star and knows he has chosen the right one. There is one problem however it is too big. Hou yi then condenses the sun into the palm of his hands and forms it to the center of his Bow. Hou yi decides to try the bow out and pulls a solar flare from the center of his bow and shoots a ray of light and is pleased with it's imence power. Hou yi decides to take his new power to war hou yi to war. Hou yi's new power is working well for him but the longer he uses it the stronger the Blue Sun becomes and the harder it becomes to contain. The sun slowly starts to overtake his body starting with the arm holding his Bow. The flames start to transform Hou yi's cloths giving him a light armer over his hands and arms and form a large cloak of a never before seen material tipped with blue flames. Once you yi has defeated or helped defeat 15 foes he is full cloaked in the power of the Blue Sun and the sun has become larger overtaking his Bow exploding with small solar flares that act as a aura around Hou yi's bow and body. The flames have also swarmed half of his face giving his right eye a better power of sight to predict his targets movements and line up his sights.

And that is the story of the Blue Phoenix and the Blue Sun bow. Sorry I don't have any drawings or better descriptions I kinda wanted to leave it to the imagination and allow other players to add to this idea.