View Full Version : T5 Ullr stance switching bear skin

06-07-2017, 12:49 PM
Some of you may remember, a few patches ago (I honestly can't remember which one it was to place the vod) the panel were in a Q and A session and they were asked what part of a god did you want to put in but just didn't work, or something like that. One of them (I believe it was Chuck) said originally Ullr was supposed to stance switch into a bear for the melee form, there were limitations and it couldn't work then, but what about now? I don't care for skins that change every 5 levels, its cool and all but it has been done, so why not make a skin that is epic in all times of the game, and not just the last 5-10 minutes, depending on how you (the player) is doing. I don't have any art concept for it, but I want some form ullr where he turns into a bear in melee stance. I would 100% drop all the money I had to play as a bear just slashing at people.

PLEASE, bear melee form ullr!

06-07-2017, 04:08 PM
I fleshed it out for you! (also gave you credit for putting the idea in my head xD)