View Full Version : Skadi - Huntress and Wolf become One

06-07-2017, 12:14 AM
The basic idea of the concept is that Skadi and Kaldr will slowly merge into one being, more or less.

At first, levels 1 to 5, Skadi will be dressed as a normal huntress, similar to Artemis' Oak-Seer skin. And Kaldr will appear as a spiritual wolf, as he usually does.

Levels 6 to 8, Kaldr slowly fades out as Skadi gains more wolfish features. At this stage, her lower half grows more wolfish, wolf-like legs and paws.

Levels 9 to 12, Kaldr again fades out as Skadi gains more fur in her torso area, gaining a tail.

Levels 13 to 15, Kaldr fades more as Skadi's arms become wolf-like with clawed hands.

Levels 16 to 20, Kaldr completely fades away, leaving a fully wolf-like Skadi. Her head is now wolfish as is the rest of her. She still runs around on two legs, but runs somewhat like Fenrir, sometimes down to four legs.

Also, at levels 16 to 20, whenever Skadi she uses her Rune of the Hunt ability, Kaldr would reappear, leaping from her body. She regains her normal human form as Kaldr is out attacking his target. When he returns to her, he fades away and Skadi's form changes to that of whatever hit points he had left.

For example, if he had 3 hit points left, Skadi would assume the levels 13 to 15 form. Her form would also alter as Kaldr would be regaining his hit points.

Also at levels 16 to 20, as Winter's Grasp would normally fully heal Kaldr, it would automatically change Skadi to her final form.