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06-06-2017, 11:20 AM
Hou Yi 2nd tier concept-
Tier 1: Now a lot of people may recall the amazing janus concept that was not chosen for some reason so i thought to bring that back in Hou Yi. So starting him off with a look of a decaying rago over a human-LIKE. So like missing limbs. What he attacks with is fear, Now i'm not the best artist, especially on a computer, anyway his arrows in this instance change color and form as he changes tier and his arrows gains form with him. So as i said he starts off looking like a decaying somewhat human like form, his arrows look like that as well but like the arrow has a tied piece of decaying fabric around the front of the arrow.
Passive- Suntouched: Now i don't know if you would like to or not but changing the icon would be cool but then again it's really up to you… but if you do just keep the decaying old rag feel.
1: Ricochete: Now this looks like he is shooting an arrow like figure with A LOT of particles that look like and orange-red look to it but the texture of it is random and spastic like real smoke.
2: Mark of the golden crow: This was the real reason why I thought of this concept, It looks like a really toothy-scary facial features like mouth and eyes with dark smoke making it very intense making it look as if you are going insane.
3: Divebomb: Sense he is a ghost he rises, creating an eerie smoky presence gathering around him, He dives and when he hits the ground he releases an eerie smoke releasing the ghouls and ghosts trapped within the golden crow.
4: Sunbreaker: Hou Yi releases every ghost, ghoul, zombie, and every scary dead things you could think of (he has 8/9 suns so their is room for improvement) Every Time a sun/monster hits the ground that same eerie smoke escapes from the bodies of each of the dead creepy things.
Tier 2: I'm not going to go into detail with the movesets now but all you really have do is take the first concept and make it more scary, eerie, and raggedy, Tier 2 concept has Hou Yi now looking more human but still holes in the heavy sheet he is wearing and still keeping that eerie feeling but now has not a lot but some scary eerie smoke radiating from his body.
Tier 3: Still keeping the eerie, scary, and raggedy feel to it he is heavy sheet transformed into a cloak creating the eerie sense that you don't want to see what is below that hood. With eerie smoke radiating out of his hood and from his body he now walks peacefully and calmly but in his attack stance he stalks creep-ly and has that creepy hunchback and just all out scary like, now i am just putting this into perspective for the people reading this, like scarecrow from the new injustice game. Like how he is hunched over, i want to explain the creepy-ness in that into something that strikes fear with a bow and arrow. When he is in attack stance he removes his hood and stalks.
Tier 4: The final form to this monstrosity, Like i said with the scarecrow concept, I want him to be massive and creepy not just like a couple particles I want scary I know the people at hi-rez could capture this and make it into a reality. I want death, ripped clothing, Destructive nature, I want things that will make someone scared to play the game, I want the loading in card to strike fear into the players. I want the other hunter in the lane to be so scared that they are missing every shot because of the fear this creature gives off. I feel that if you get this skin just right EVERYONE is going to want this. I will try to make a concept but It might ruin everything so don’t go off of my drawing go for what scares you...

Now I have more that I will post so just look out for that if you like this...
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