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06-06-2017, 06:56 AM
Hi guys the work is finally done....after starting with the initial idea of getting a polished 3D model of the finished product I decided to go ahead...well the process was fun and the end product is pretty neat I guess.

The skin idea is for SKADI and well the skin is a gender blender...yes this Skadi is not the Norse goddess but concepts are taken from the backdrop of a mysterious character from the Ancients in DOTA a MOBA spinoff from the WitchWarcraft III by Blizzard.

I will not waste much time in words but let the pics do the talk : http://orig04.deviantart.net/3e62/f/2017/157/7/0/skadi_n_cerberrus_by_arya_tabs-dbbqeam.png

Check this one out for the all-in-one image and click the links from the description if you want to check them out!

http://img12.deviantart.net/e037/i/2017/157/f/d/demonic_skadi_and_cerberrus__skadi_skin_concept___ by_arya_tabs-dbbqlgr.png


:D :) :D :)

06-06-2017, 07:48 AM
I understand your concept, but the blue is way to bright in the final forms. Out of personal taste (if these forms are kept) I'd make the Kaldr go 4>3>1>2 and just go with a demon design from Spawn comics for Skadi ending with a Spawn look-alike.
Overall its not bad but the color doesnt fit the flaming demonic theme you want. Yes I know blue fire is the most pure form of combustion (except completely translucent) but really the blue is too bright, maybe if it was see-through it would work better but then the armor is an issue :/

06-06-2017, 04:18 PM
Well you just opened a perspective, what I did there is the ultimate de-frostation....well the blue light or combustion is not the issue here....its the hell breadth cold freezing ice well now that you add the blue flame is welcome too...after all Guardians of the Galaxy put an (maybe temporary) end to the Blue Flame Legacy! .....but I wanted to create a Skadi with the horrors and chills...and by chills I mean dual words...spine chilling from fear and from ice <duh> !!! ;)