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06-06-2017, 05:27 AM
I feel that Hou Yi would be the best Tier 5 skin especially because of the custom effects that could be added onto his ultimate.

My idea is for Hou Yi to be an archer who has the ability to time shift and take on his forms from different periods of time.

Form 1

Prehistoric Hou Yi

His look would be very caveman like with fur felt and dinosaur bones for armour. Brown/grey colour theme. His bow would be simple and his arrows would be tipped with bone.

Ricochet - Silver grey effects bone like

Crows Mark - Dinosaur skull maybe triceratops

Divebomb - Hoy yi jumps into the air grabbing the legs of a passing Pterodctyl

Sunbreaker - Magma bombs spewed from a volcano land in the area, maybe some dinosaur skeletons on the ground in the area.

Form 2

Longbowman Hou Yi

A traditional English longbowman with a hemet covering his face and traditional chainmail armour. His bow would be a standard longbow with flaming arrows arrows have flame effects when fired. Blue/gold/silver colour theme.

Ricochet - Blue gold royal looking effects

Crows mark - Knights helmet logo

Divebomb - He perches atop castle battlements, only the crenelations are seen.

Sunbreaker - Hou Yi calls upon reinforcements and a hail of arrows so dense that it blocks the sun fall.

Form 3

Mercenary Crossbowman Hou Yi

A modern day soldier - balaclava - camouflage theme - Grenade launcher crossbow. Green/black theme. Basic attacks explode slightly upon impact

Ricochet - grenade explosion upon impact, smoke effects

Crows mark - Army logo of some sort

Divebomb - Grappling hook shoots up and allows him to jump into the air

Sunbreaker - Hou Yi calls in an airstrike, plane noises, bomb dropping similar to Vulcan ult effects.

Form 4

Infinity Archer Hou Yi

Half robot half human - Hou Yi evolves to become the most accurate archer. Silver/yellow/blue colour themes. Similar to Tron style. Basics are blue light arrows. His bow is simple metal combine with yellow light technology to create the limbs of the bow.

Ricochet - Yellow Laser beam

Crows mark - Futuristic archer logo

Divebomb - Jetpack on his back allows him to hover

Sunbreaker - Destroy them with lasers - a Huge laser beams down doing damage with each pulse. Geometric effects similar to void shield Agni.

Hope you guys like the concept!

06-07-2017, 12:40 PM
great idea