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06-06-2017, 04:53 AM
Hi there!

So I actually came up with this idea by thinking about Ullr's complexity in terms of his ability kit. He has "many tools" to solve situations he gets into, just like a witcher from the famous game series, you guessed it, The Witcher. :D:D
To be really honest, the name Tracker came up only, because we all have seen the insane amount of "Monsterslayer" or "Monsterhunter" and "Dragon's Nightmare" etc named skins. So to involve all of you into this, help me find a better name for the skin concept! :)

So the concept is, that Ullr is wielding the 2 witcher swords (silver and steel) instead of his regular axes. This might be a problem already, since the basic attacks are designed to look like he's swinging two axes but well, I guess they could design the axes as well to look like they're referring to the well recognizeable witcher weapons. As some of you might know, the steel sword is usually a thicker blade, with a straight crossguard, while the silver blade is thinner, with a V-shape crossguard the V facing downwards: http://imgur.com/8L9Oeiq
As for the bow, it could be something decorated with trophies from various monsters (the amount of trophies/decorations are increasing with tier leveling).

Now for the different tiers. I thought it might be cool, if the tiers could involve the different characteristic armors and gears the witchers have.
Tier 1: So the commonly called "Prologue Armor" is the set Geralt is wearing at the early stages of "The Witcher" and "The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt". It's rather a shirt one could wear under an actual armor, but it's pretty good for a start in my opinion.
The swords could be the same themed swords as I've linked above, nothing special about them. The bow is also simple and plain, let's say a wooden bow.

Tier 2: This tier includes an actual light armor, that is featuring some witcherish gears on it, like potions, holder for herbs etc. We would want this to be slightly thin and lightly designed, because (again) it's the tier 2.
The swords could be runed, meaning the runes could glow up on using abilities. Now the bow has some monster trophies on it, like griff feathers or monster claws, etc.
The hook on the belt, that is used for carrying monster trophies is hanging empty for now.

Tier 3: An enhanced monster hunter armor, featuring various monster hunting gears and weapons. The armor is heavy, offering a lot of protections against monsters and such, but still light enough to allow to be mobile in a fight.
The swords are glowing, indicating that they're coated with oils, used against monsters. The bow has many trophies on it.
The base Ullr skin also has a dagger tied to the leg, tier 3 could have the same. Now the trophy hook holds a monster head, let's say a werewolf head (like Fenrirs LMAO).

1.) Bow-stance
- Bladed Arrow: Could feature some rune glowing as well.
- Expose Weakness: Referring to the witcher oils used against monster, we'd see some chemical splashing, meaning that the
arrows are coated.
- Hail of Arrows: The witchers are also using various bombs, wouldn't call them granades tho haha. At impact,the arrows blow up or show some gases flowing around in the air, meaning there was a bomb tied to the arrow.

2.) Axe stance
- Thrown Axe: Throwing the blade, making it spinning in the air.
- Invigorate: There's not much you can change on this lol.
- Glory Bound: Witchers are agile and acrobatic. The jump could include some kind of spin in the air that we can see from Geralt a lot.

Thank You all, reading it through, again this is just a quick idea I came up with, I'm open for further suggestions for changing some parts, feel free to comment you opinions! :)