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06-06-2017, 04:09 AM
So this was my thought for a T5 Ullr skin, MMO Ullr. From a fresh made noob into and endgame raider. He'll progress through the stages based on how many full build items he has bought, starting off in 1st stage, turning into 2nd stage once he has two full items, 3rd stage at four full items, and finally at 4th stage with full build.

1st stage - A super simple concept, Ullr starts out in leather rags with a simple bow/ rusted axes.

Abilities - No changes.

2nd stage - Armour starts to look a little less shabby, add some plain shoulder pieces. Axes are of a better metal (no rust), bow has a more sleek and refined look.

Abilities - Expose Weakness/Invigorate - Stronger Glow.

3rd stage - Now we're getting some sweet magic item drops! Although the armour is a little mismatched (perhaps one item is off-colour) it's obviously of a better quality than what came before. Axes have gems embedded in them (red in one, blue in Other), handles made of mythril. Bow is also metal-based with Norse runes along the body.

Abilities - Expose Weakness/Invigorate - Axes Glow changes based on colour of gems, red being fire and blue being frosty. The bows runes glow a deep green.

4th stage - Ullr is now ready for raiding! Huge shoulder pieces! Intricate designs down his mantle! An axe made of ice while the other is obsidian! A bow made from the heart of Yggdrasil!

Abilites - Bladed Arrow/Thrown Axe - For Bladed Arrow, A random effect based on some of the beings that reside in or near to the world tree (Dragon for Nidhogg, Eagle (for well, the Eagle), bushy tail for Rata, etc). For Thrown Axe one of two effects occur, those being a fiery trail from the obsidian axe or a frost one from the ice axe.
- Expose Weakness/Invigorate - The obsidian axe shows cracks where lava seeps out from along with a flame aura. The ice axe's ice begins to creep up Ullr's arm and leaves a frosty trail. The bow glows a deep green and the arrows form a cosmic effect while the ability is active.
- Hail of Arrows/ Glory Bound - Hail of Arrows hitting the ground causes vines and life to burst from the landing point. Glory Bound - Axe effect trails behind him, landing point is coated in frost or burnt (random effect).

And that about does it for my idea, I thought of a few voice lines that might work well with him but somebody else will probably have much better ones.

06-06-2017, 09:46 AM
The concept is nice enough, but remember that this is a T5 skin. People probably won't like the skin if it lacks any effects whatsoever for a good chunk of its stages. Maybe keep an effect constant for each stage, and then have the effects get more flashy per stage.