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06-06-2017, 02:42 AM
I know the Dragon Theme is so saturated but hear me out. Hou Yi's model wasn't the slightest of inspiration for me. The ABILITIES however... I had an almost instant idea.

Hou Yi's abilities have absolute perfect synergy with this concept so i've spent an hour or two to come up with and draw out a 4 stage skin concept as well as illustrate the animations. The design is a tad flawed and is only there for the sake of being a complete t5 concept. This does not mean i didn't put effort into it and it is not a t5 worthy skin. Just mentioning that it is rushed and I'm 100% open to critisicm or even help from a more worthy artist if anybody likes this concept enough to help me with it. If nobody want's to help but this gets a lot of feedback I can 100% fine tune it with coloring and definition. Re-Do it and Re-submit it.

Final note. Bow was not drawn because I couldn't do it justice. I feel like the bow is a very important part of this design and i decided if the concept was well liked. Then I'd commit to drawing 4 different bows. All 4 more epic than the last.

So I'd like to start with the 4 stages side by side: http://imgur.com/a/OP16K

Now that you've seen the skins, I'll show you the abilities. * I'll explain each stage and the differences at the end of the post as well as the skill changes between each stage.

Hou Yi's 1 (Ricochet) http://imgur.com/a/Sjz9u

He essentially shoots out a fireball type projectile that goes from Yellow, Orange, to Bright Red on the third bounce.

Hou Yi's 2 (Crows Mark) http://imgur.com/a/MDC5t

In standard fashion Hou Yi sends a crow at the target and marks them. EXCEPT. Instead of a fairly invisible crow. He sends a more visible maybe a tad bit larger (Size of Bastet Cat) Dragon that will "scratch" and mark the enemy

Hou Yi's 3 (His Leap...) http://imgur.com/a/4MwlV

Hou Yi's leap was a very attractive ability to me when deciding who i wanted to make a concept for. The fact he floats in the air had so much potential. In this skin a dragon swoops in from behind him (Roughly size of Awilix's Suku) And Hou Yi lands and sits on top of it. When the duration is over or when Hou Yi leaps The dragon will briefly fly towards the location before Hou Yi Lunges off into the destination and the dragon flys off (Kinda like Kuku Ult just dissapears as well).

Hou Yi's Ult http://imgur.com/a/nNIah

You probably saw it coming. It's pretty simple but you all know you'd love to see this game. Hou Yi might suddenly jump in viability simply because people will WANT to stay under the ult. Hou Yi Summons a dragon and it circles over the ult location breathing fire down while constantly rotating in a circle.

Now on to the skin stages

Stage 1: Hou Yi is just an average but badass looking guy.

Stage 2: Horns emerge from his head as well as on his shoulders. A small tail forms.

Stage 3: His horns become more prominent and newer ones form along the body and head. His skin becomes slightly scaly and some body parts begin resembling a dragon or lizard person. His shirt also begins ripping. His tail is now much larger. His scarf has also caught fire is shorter and the tip is flaming.

Stage 4: His horns become sharper and larger. His body is entirely scaly and he resembles a dragon perfectly. His hands and feet have claws. His face is very square and his eyes are piercing. His clothes have almost completely ripped off. His tail is now dragging on the ground and his scarf is entirely on fire.

His Ricochet becomes slightly larger and the animation becomes a bit more flashy throughout each stage

His 2, the dragon becomes a it larger and the mark symbol becomes a bit more decorated

His 3, the dragon becomes larger and the landing animation can see some small bonuses like the dragon breathing a fireball at the location( Purely aesthetic obviously)

His 4 the dragon becomes better looking and legendary as well as the fire he breathes becomes more intense.

This is my concept and I would love any and all feedback. If you guys like it let me know how i can make it better.

Also similar to Anubis T5, when Hou Yi Ults, dragons raiding the skies for the duration would be super cool as well.


For those of you who liked this concept. I also had a similar Wizard one where his 1 would be a magical projectile changing elements depending on stage. His 2 would be Simple "Spell Debuff". His 3 would be a "float spell" with some awesome effects. And his 4 would be the classic Mage Ult from RPG's raining down meteors or lightning or a blizzard depending on what stage you're in. And an interesting play on a T5. Every 90-180 seconds You change elements and this will change your abilities and appearance.

If you guys think that would be interesting as well let me know and I would love to draw concepts for this one as well (:

06-06-2017, 05:31 AM
I really like the abilitys and the design seems like it is a good concept. I just want to know how the abilitys will evolve with the skin similar to how demonic pact anubis abilitys evolved too.

06-06-2017, 05:59 AM
Nice idea!