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06-06-2017, 02:00 AM
Jing wei takes inspiration from old time gaming.
1st form:
Jing wei is a gamer. She has a pony tail(not pigtails) and her hair is (blue, red, or black) she is wearing a short sleeve shirt that that says "pixel princess" or "lil gamer" she is wearing shorts with some design on them( maybe Chinese symbols) her shoes are boots are black with hearts. Her bow is a normal wooden or just iron bow, it has a Chinese symbol glowing green to show low tier. Her wings are either rainbow pixelated or a jet pack. But I perfer saving the jet pack for the second or third stage
2nd form: she gets a small crown, metal but nothing glowing yet. Her boots gain some metal and a little bit of glowing bits. Her shirt is shortened to a crop top made of a nice cloth but not something someone would normally wear. It's a bid armored. The jet pack is more advanced looking, spits out fire. Her bow is now more pixilated textured and has a Chinese symbol glowing blue to show medium tier.
3rd stage: her crown is now shinier and has a glowing heart or level up sign. Or a pixilated Chinese dragon. Her arm is a bit robotic, the short sleeves are should pads that are metal but have a pixelated Chinese sign. Her shirt is now armored but has more material but still shows some belly. It now shows a pixilated Raven, the armor is around the Raven. The boots are completely metal. But have more glowy bits. The shorts are the same but have accessories around them like a belt and a small holographic chest to indicate a inventory. The jet pack, like pixel buster freya spouts out pixels. The bow has a Chinese symbol that glows orange indicating legendary or rare.
4th stage: Jing wei grows in size. Her arm is replaced with an automatic armored crossbow that she aims with her other arms that is not completely robotic that has a big metal glove. Her crown changes has a larger icon that changes colors constantly but is pixilated. The jet pack is more out and visible and constantly spouts out pixels. The boots are bigger and still metal with glowing functions. Her shorts are the same. The shirt is gone and is now replaced with armor that cover most of her front body that glows a "pixel princess" or just a design.
1st: Jing wei puts down a device that glows pixels and changes color.
2nd: jing wei buffs the bow matching it's rarity color, in final stage the arm bow is changing colors made and textured like holographic pixels.
3rd: Jing wei pushes forward with her jet pack leaving a wind rainbow trail of pixels
4th: Jing wei flys into the air dropping old style bombs? Or blocks. Or like the of model shooting her arm or bow Canon down on enemies leaving the words "game over"

This took a lot of inspiration from old games and yes as expected "pixel buster freya" with a lot of my own ideas.