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06-05-2017, 08:26 PM
Hi guys, my PS4 name is The_Behinder, but you guys can call me Ray. Let me know what you guys think about this concept for Hou Yi & even add what's your opinion about it. Xoxo.

• Hou Yi calls forth the blazing ravens that appeared when he destroyed the suns, infusing them to create his bow.
• As Hou Yi becomes stronger, more ravens comes down from the skies infusing themselves, increasing the size of the bow.
• These fire ravens represents the suns, and their flames would be the same color of the sun that has been destroyed. If another sun is destroyed, the flames of the bow will exchange color to represent the new sun that has been shattered.
• As for his arrows, Hou Yi will contain white arrows (same color as the lore) on were created from the energy that is inside of him.

• Hou Yi will have his same skin color, although it will change the more he levels. As he progresses in levels, Hou Yi decides to shows his true form of being divine.
• In the lower levels, Hou Yi will contain a vein like design going throughout his neck and body, going upward almost reaching his face; representing the “infinite” energy that is flowing inside of him. (At first it's very faint and dull, but as time passes by it will become more noticeable.)
• As he becomes stronger, his skin would become luminous and would contain cracks, showing his energy flowing out of him

• Hou Yi’s beautiful long hair is no more due to its ends being touched by the flames. At last the war between the stars are finished, but as he realizes the battle is over… his hair was burned. Hou Yi made the conclusion of slicing the damage pieces off, and so he did. This resulted in Hou Yi hair length to become medium to long, styled as layers.
• As Hou Yi absorbed so much radiation from the sun, he himself becomes a vessel of “energy,” making him lose pigment on his hair, resulting in it becoming white.

• Hou Yi’s heat will cause a mirage, allowing you to see the suns he has shattered within his own eyes.
The color of the eyes would alter, progressing from showing the weakest sun to the strongest.
• Maximum level Hou Yi would contain piercing turquoise eyes fading into a darker blue, on which would resemble the 9th sun he destroyed.

• In the beginning, Hou Yi will transform into looking like a normal human being; Wearing Traditional Chinese clothing, representing not only his people but his pantheon.
• As he levels, his clothing will burn slowly, and Hou Yi will slowly be transforming until he reaches divine form, on which is his true form.

• Ricochet- As Hou Yi shoots the skill “Ricochet,” it would be considered him destroying one of the sun that was terrorizing earth. The arrow for ricochet will increase in size the higher Hou Yi is in levels.
• Mark of the Golden Crow- Instead of the Hou Yi sending a golden crow from the sky, his bow would automatically send out one of the blazing crows that is merged together to form his bow. The mark’s color would take place depending on which crow attacks the enemy. If the skill “Ricochet” hits the crow that is flying around the enemy, it would explode causing the foe to become stunned.
• Divebomb- Hou Yi uses his ultimate form to fly into the air, and as he does the bow dispersed, causing the ravens to fly around its master. As for his arrows, since Hou Yi forms his arrows from his own energy they would go back inside within his own body; flowing and illuminating throughout the vessel.
• Sunbreaker- Hou Yi takes his ultimate form, dispersing his bow to gather a large amount energy from his body, forming a massive arrow and sends it to the sky to destroy the suns that is terrorizing earth. As he hits the 9 suns, they come crashing down one by one from weakest to strongest.