View Full Version : T5 Dragonborn Ullr Skin.

06-05-2017, 07:13 PM
Lets ignore that this could be a lawsuit.
This skin is Elder Scrolls themed and honestly would be pretty epic if this could ever be added.

To start this skin would follow a leveling similar to skyrims perk system in that you get 1 perk every 5 levels. So this perk can be put into light armor or heavy armor which would change your look drastically.
-----Level 1------------Level 5------------Level 10------------Level 15-----------Level 20
----------------- Elven Smithing -> Scaled Smithing -> Glass Smithing -> Dragon Smithing
Leather Armor
-----------------Dwarven Smithing -> Orchish Smithing -> Ebony Smithing -> Daedric Smithing

Essentially you pick one of these every five levels to change your look or if you like your current armor don't select.
To upgrade there could be an additional HUD that allows you allocate a perk whenever you feel like it without it being troublesome.

In concept this skin is very simple but in practice would be a challenge also the skins needs effects because its a T5 not T4.5.
This was all I really have for the concept I don't have any art but contact me if you have any.I figured this could be something that would be added to so, I will likely edit the thread if someone has an idea for good effects on the skin. Also some cool lore easter eggs from Elder Scrolls would be awesome.

06-05-2017, 09:53 PM
I mean...I would LOVE to be walking around in some Daedric armor but, as you said...it's probably not legal.