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06-05-2017, 06:07 PM
I thought I'd throw out an idea for a T5 Skadi skin that's true to her lore/Mythology.
Anyone can feel free to suggest changes and add more ideas to this.

Skadi is a member of the Ice Folk, a Jotun, who lives in the highest mountains where the ice never melts.

I figured, for her Skin to transform, We'd use the level based system.
But, more so representing her rage level as she levels up, becoming stronger as she fights her foes.

Skadi starts out with basic hunting gear, As she would if she was just going on a hunt in the mountains.
Kaldr, Himself, but with a harness and.. maybe a rolled up buck hide attached?

Skadi starts to get annoyed at her attackers, using Runes, she transforms.
Her outfit becomes leather armour with a snow wolf's hide on her back, wolf's head covering hers, lined at the edges with cold blue glowing Runes.
Kalder's harness becomes a protective vest, covering his sides and chest, also made of leather, same Runes on straps.
Snow particles around their feet and icy footprints left behind.
Her Ultimate turns from just a snowy whirlwind into sharp daggers of ice shards embed with Rune Magic.

Skadi is now at peak rage, a particle blizzard vortex flys around her in a continuous snow storm.
Her armour now metal, Antlers decorating the sides. And, instead of throwing ice spears, she shoots mindbolts (Concentrated energy formed by willpower to form a blast/projectile).
Her Ultimate, mountainous debris (frozen rocks, fir trees or whatever trees might be found in that climate, and ice blocks of various shapes, to smash her enemies)
Kaldr now wears full body armour as well.
One or Two spirit wolves run with him, representing the ancestral aspect of the old Norse culture.
Kaldr calls on his ancestors to aid in the fight.
Of course, these extra, translusent, wolves don't cause any extra damage. They'd just be there for cosmetic sake. Translucid to keep focus on Kaldr so it's not so confusing for other players.

Basically, She becomes a living blizzard storm, with a pack of ancient wolves to aid her.

This is just an idea, and not a complete concept, I know. But, I hope I helped inspire something awesome! :D

06-07-2017, 12:34 PM
Yes, someone please make this vision a real piece of art