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06-05-2017, 04:12 PM
This concept will focus more around Kaldr rather than Skadi.

Transformation mechanic: Every time Skadi gets a kill, she transforms into an element based off the 5 character classes. Every kill of a different class, will change her again, to that classes element.

Hunter: Fire
Mage: Water
Warrior: Air
Assassin: Electric
Guardian: Earth

Skdai default will look like a mage (a dress with a hooded cloak, knee long boots, some accessories, etc.), dressed in Black, silver, and grey clothing. Her spear will have a gem at the end that starts black. Kaldr default is a black wolf with metal rings around his neck, legs, and tail, with black gems running through his fur.

Skadis abilities will have minimun/no effects on her default, black mage, look.

For each element Skadi will retain her looks, except her color scheme will match the element, and the gem on her staff will change colors.

Fire: Red, orange, yellow color scheme, with a Red gem.
-Abilities: 1, staff has a fire effect. 3, ground is on fire. 4, Kaldr's whole body becomes covered in fire.
Water: Blue, baby blue, purple, with a Blue gem.
-Abilities: 1, staff has a water effect. 3, ground is water. 4, Kaldr's whole body becomes covered in water.
Air: White, silver and pink, with a White gem.
-Abilities: 1, staff has a wind effect. 3, ground is clouds. 4, Kaldr's whole body becomes covered in wind.
Electric: Yellow, gold, and black, with a Yellow gem
-Abilities: 1, staff has a electric effect. 3, ground is electricity. 4, Kaldr's whole body becomes covered in electricity.
Earth: Green, lime, and brown, with a Green gem.
-Abilities: 1, staff has a grass effect. 3, ground is grass and flowers. 4, Kaldr's whole body becomes covered in foliage.

Kaldr gains the power from the elements, and transforms accordingly. When Skadi kills a character, Kaldr changes his look based on class to become:

Fire: Red fur, with Orange gems. His paws and the tip of his tail become engulfed in flames. his footsteps leave burn marks.
Water: Baby blue fur with Blue gems. Paws and tail have water around them, footsteps leave wet spots.
Air: White fur with Pink gems. Paws and tail have wind circulating around them, footsteps leave little cloud effects.
Electric: Yellow fur with Gold gems. Paws and tail give off electricity, footsteps leave a shock effect.
Earth: Green fur with Lime gems. Paws and tail have leaves/flowers growing from them, footprints leave floral spots.

Skadi would only need 1 voice pack, but could use another once she gets her first kill to alter some of the lines if wanted.
Skadi and Kaldr returns to their default Black mage/wolf when killed.

I know theres A LOT of effects/visuals, that would have to be made for this. But it is a T5 after all. :)