View Full Version : Skadi T5 skin

06-05-2017, 03:20 PM
I think Skadi should receive a tier 5 skin. The skin would be called "The fashionista" Her tier five skin would go like this...

Lvls 1-4 Skadi is a young female with a Chihuahua on a leash. While she is in this form, he basic attacks now instead of being spears, they are bottles of shampoo. Now her abilities. Skadi's line attack would be lipstick being thrown in a line and the slow effect would make the enemy god have a red hue. Her dog (the chihuahua) would basically just be a chihuahua and act like the regular wolf and have the same targeting but when being hit by the chihuahua, the dog is too tiny, so it jumps to hit you. Her permafrost ability would be spilled lotion, and is too slippery to walk on! Her ultimate (Winter's Grasp) would be the mascara sticks spinning around her and her chihuahua.

Lvls 5-14 Skadi turns into a bit more of a mature teen that has got a lot more fashionable, her attacks would be the same, but would be more expensive items.

Lvls 15-20 Skadi is now the true fashionista! She is the most fashionable out of all of the gods and goddesses in smite, and all of her attacks include the most expensive items made!

Her ending scene (win) would be a paparazzi of minions taking her pictures.

Her losing ending scene would be Skadi walking on a red carpet, but tripping and landing in something dirty, or getting a "blemish."