View Full Version : Saver of the Woods - Skadi as Dryad

06-05-2017, 02:12 PM
Skadis home are the mountains, but she and Kaldr althrough need the wood to survive. So they must defend him of any destruction and destroyers. We gonna make Skadi a Dryad!

1.stage: Human – she wears normal leather clothes, which are worn, cause of living in the woods. Her spear consists of timber and plants.
The left one below

2.stage: Druid – she is kind of mage, only depending on clothes. So she wears a dres. Her spear consists of white timber with a head of stones. In addition: her spear is riddled with magis stones.

3.stage: Elf – She wears a normal armor. Her spear now consists only of stone with runes on it.

4.stage: Dryad - Skadi wears nothing except of nature. Most parts where usually should be her clothes, are covered with roots and trails of plants, but it could also conists of Magic and energy, which pulses in the colours green and yelllow . Her spear consist of roots too and some stones. Out of the inside it is shining green, just as Skadi out of the bottom of her heart.


Her hair colour is dark brown, which is getting per stage brighter.

1.stage: Hydrus = is known as mythical creature already as snake or dragon, but most time it looks like a weasel with red fur
2.stage: white Fox or a black wolf
3.stage black bear or a lion
4.stage: griffin
All of them could have Kaldrs normal runes, which are shining green and yellow.

Permafrost: could be made of roots, stones (in stage 2 it could also be ice)
Ultimate: consist of leaves, sand or fireflies and sparks

Please tell me what you think of this concept and feel free to add any ideas or suggestions ;)