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06-05-2017, 12:44 PM
I’ve only recently returned to SMITE after a long absence, so Skadi is still a relatively new god to me. Nevertheless, she is my choice for the T5 skin because the planets just seemed to align for this concept.

The basic idea is simple: A Mars explorer or colonist with her Mars rover.

Skin design

T5 skins are all about stages or evolutions. This is a major part about what makes it a T5, so it simply has to be the focal point of the design. I’m taking a rather unorthodox approach by having the evolution focused not on the god but her companion, Kaldr.


As you can see from that image, these are the three generations of Mars rovers. The size disparity is huge, so scale will need to be adjusted some. Sojourner should still be slightly smaller than Spirit/Opportunity, which in turn should be slightly smaller than Curiosity. The complexity of these machines and the detail that would go into them would be the defining feature of this skin. Hopefully modeling these won’t be too much work.

You can either link stage progression to levels or points into her second ability, which would correspond with the added abilities it grants Kaldr. If linked to points in her 2, it might give too much information to your opponent. An added bonus would be if the evolution was rendered as the new mars rover parachuting in, as they all must have onto the surface of Mars.

Now I know what you must be thinking, how are we going to handle the fact that Skadi calls out to Kaldr all the time? We can’t record multiple voice lines for such a minor thing as multiple mars rovers. Wait a minute! Mars rovers… Rover! That’s right, we had the perfect pseudo dog name all along. “Rover, attack!” “Rover, scan the area.”

What about Skadi herself in all of this? Well, I don’t really know. Obviously space suit is much more suitable for surviving on Mars. That being said, should it also evolve? The current white space suit I think of is just ugly, so I don’t think it is really worth trying to include it. Nu Wa already has her space suit, so we need to avoid it looking too similar. Would a sleek, futuristic space suit mess up the continuity with current-era rover technology? Probably not. Am I over thinking this way too much? Definitely.

Ability Redesigns

Passive: We’ve pretty much covered this with the whole Kaldr redesign.

1st Ability – Piercing Cold: Seems as good a place as any to throw in a rocket reference. Falcon 9, maybe?

2nd Ability – Rune of the Hunt: Some sort of robotic threat detected could serve as the mark over enemy gods. The rover being either on or off can represent the shifting between Beast form and Elemental form. On would involve lights and probably some spinning sensors.

3rd Ability – Permafrost: I admit I don’t have much to go on with this. My current idea would just be a solar panel skin on the ground, which I’m not really in love with. The whole water on Mars idea could be worked into here, but I’m all out of ideas.

Ultimate – Winter’s Grasp: This change is fairly simple. Instead of a snowstorm, it can be one of the dust storms that are so common on Mars. Slap a tan or even red color palette on this skill and call it a day. I don’t want the design team to hate me.

Voice lines:

I’m not going to waste time trying to think of too many voice lines, but there is some serious potential here.

“Curiosity killed the cat!” (Special Bastet kill line?)
“What an opportunity!”
“That’s the spirit!”

And, of course, there needs to be some interaction with Galactic Invasion Ah Puch. “Houston, we’re not alone here.”


Finally, we come to the name, and a SMITE skin is only as good as it’s pun game. I wouldn’t even bother writing this up if I couldn’t uphold HiRez’s high standards. Say hello to the newest T5 skin, CurioSKADI.

This is not a completed skin idea, but the pieces I have figured out seem to work really well. Obviously there are still major hurtles to overcome, like what the hell to replace her spears with? Thoughts and ideas?

06-10-2017, 12:07 PM
This is by far my most favorite concept so far! The only thing I dislike about the skin is it's name. I don't have any better ideas though so let's see what people come up with. When I saw the name of the thread and the (seemingly) completely random picture of mars rovers I thought this was a troll post but as I read the concept I realized what an absolutely awesome and well thought-out idea this is! I wish you best luck, I'd definitely vote for this one!