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06-05-2017, 12:23 PM
Hiii :o

First of all I would love it soo much to see Kaldr as Cerberus, so that will include his development.

Kaldr: 1.stage: a normal, black or dark brown dog with red eyes and a chain around his neck
2.stage: now are growing up 2 horns out of his head and he becomes fire tribals on his fur
3.stage: a second head is growing
maybe 4.stage: the third head is growing into is final form and the horns on his head are leaving (maybe together with those chains)
In his last stage he leaves lava footprints (and out of the tribals is burning fire).

According to Skadi:

1.stage: She has ash blond hair, ripped and charred clothes and some burned skin. Only a light armor with lether applications and less steal. Her spera is simple metallic one.
2.stage: Now her armor becomes the normal metallic one. Her spear is a litte bit decorated with runes or stones.
3.stage: In addition to her armor some parts of it are fusing into hardened but still glwoing magma/lava. Her spear is black and the runes and stones are pulsing red.
4.stage: The armor is metallic black and for example only her right arm has those fused armor of lava. Gaps into armor are spreading fire or only shining red. Her spear now is coverd into a red lightning and the head consist of a big, sharp ice blue stone.
Althrough her footrpint are leaving lava footprints and burned parts.

Maybe it could be reduced on three stages, because it could be difficult to seperate little changes during the development.
To add: you can choose if the fire or lava should have a normal colour (red) or even is blue fire.


Example for the spear in last stage

Examples for the armor in her last stage

Kaldr first stage

Kaldr last stage

only parts of this armor for stage three and four, for example took only the arm or leg out of this

Please tell me what you think of this concept and feel free to add any ideas or suggestions ;)

06-16-2017, 09:53 PM
I love the idea of Kaldr having 3 heads like that! I have a thread for Skadi's T5 too if you'd like to check it out :)