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06-05-2017, 11:56 AM
Hello guys!

This is my concept for T5 and it's for Skadi, I got inspired by a famous game but I'm not saying the name of it, you'll recognize it probably.
This concept will be divided into two parts:

1) The first one is a normal t5 model that changes with levels:


- Skadi will have new armor every 5 lvls until she hit the 15.
- The dog will have a new armor once you lvl up the skill (ONLY THE SKILL) and will be a german shepard dog with heterochromia (blue left, red right).

Passive - Kaldr, The Winter Wolf
No changes on this one.



Basics will change if she has the 1° weapon, she will have this big rifle that is leaning on her shoulder and shoot various type of ammos. If she has the 2° weapon the animation is the same ad default model.

1st Ability - Piercing Cold
- If she has the 1° weapon she will shoot from the rifle a big rusty spike covered with mud that slow enemies.
- If she has the 2° weapon she will throw her spear like the default model, the spear is covered with mud so enemies will be slowed.

2nd Ability - Rune of the Hunt
Read the look section.

3rd Ability - Permafrost
- If she has the 1° weapon she will shoot from the rifle a ball of mud that will expande in circle and cause enemy to slide on it.
- If she has the 2° weapon she will throw her spear on the ground and a pool of mud will appear with various kinda of trash in it.

Ultimate - Winter's Grasp
- In the ultimate Skadi and her dog will be surrounded by a sandstorm where all kinds of objects (cans, bottles, rusty metal pieces etc) will be thrown and enemies will suffer from radiation and from the damage of these objects.

2) In the second concept the art will be the same but the armor model could change based on the actual defence (phys def + mag def + health, you gain def leveling up so you're probably go to change one armor or two without build anything), weapon model could change based on actual damage (basic attack + phys power + attack speed + penetration).
Only objects built by skadi will change her model, any aura will not change her model even if her statistics will be increased.
by Saixina.

P.s. I'm not that good with draws but I tried my best.